July 22, 2024

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Dying at work: “The 13-hour work of A. Georgiadis will bring an increase in oncological diseases”

Well-known since the times of the pandemic and vaccination, professor of epidemiology Athena Linou gave a speech in parliament about the new labor bill and stated that due to the legalization of the 13-hour working day, the number of cancer and other various diseases will increase.

The oncologist explained that long-term exposure of workers to all types of radiation, noise and many chemicals creates very serious health risks and leads to an increase in the number of cancers:

“Who will be affected by the change in the maximum permissible limit for each factor to the minimum permissible for the protection of workers, as recorded in the documents EU? Industry will suffer. The industry of our country will pay sooner or later. But during this time we will lose people.”

Let us recall that the new labor legislation legalizes for the first time the work of being hired by two employers, which is opposed by all opposition parties.

“Athens News” reported earlier that on Thursday, September 21, Greek trade unions announced national strike as a sign of protest against the labor bill being discussed and prepared for voting in parliament.

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