December 11, 2023

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A one-year-old child fell in Crete "into emptiness" from the hotel, and in Patras a 4-year-old girl "forgot" in the bus

Another disturbing news report concerning children. In Heraklion, a girl about a year old fell from a height from a hotel in Gouves.

An ambulance took the baby to the hospital. Details of the incident have not been reported. writes We only know that this happened on the evening of Monday, September 18th. We can only hope that the child remains alive.

And a four-year-old girl in Patras who fell asleep on a school bus was simply “forgotten” how has happened more than once in our country with other children. Fortunately, her calls for help were seen by a passerby, who called the police and reported to the kindergarten.

Bus number 11 of the intercity company KTEL Achaia brought the children to the experimental kindergarten of the University of Patras in Kastritsi last Thursday morning. Unfortunately, the 4-year-old girl fell asleep, so when all the kids came out, she stayed inside. The driver left the school complex and parked the bus.

Waking up, the child discovered with horror that there was no one around. The girl began to knock on the window, crying, which is why a woman passing by noticed her. It’s good that the driver was nearby and immediately rushed to open the doors.

The incident was confirmed by the director of primary education of Achaia, Nikos Kladis, who took an explanatory report from the head of the kindergarten. He noted: “The child was on the school bus for about half an hour, and fortunately God protected him and he did not stay longer.”

According to the contract agreement, writes, when transporting primary school students on the bus, there must be an accompanying person who will check the children when boarding and exiting. Mr Cladis stated that he was present. Then how could this happen? As always, a rhetorical question.

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