December 1, 2023

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2nd Piraeus Gastronomic Festival: “seafood and more”

On Friday, September 22, the Piraeus Taste Festival: Seafood and More will open its doors wide to visitors.

In the context of efforts to promote the city of Piraeus as an international tourist destination and to promote gastronomy as one of the most dynamic pillars of the development of urban tourism, the Municipality of Piraeus, on the occasion of World Tourism Day, is holding a “fair of taste”.

“Piraeus Taste Festival: Sea Food and More” will take place from Friday 22 September to Sunday 24 September, with parallel events in Mikrolimano, Alexandras Square, Pasalimani, Kanari Square, Korai and Piraiki.

This year’s festival is specially dedicated to Mediterranean cuisine, inspired by and based on the philosophy of zero food waste.

Mikrolimani (Μικρολίμανο)

The Piraeus Festival of Taste begins with the event “ΠΕΙΡΑΙΩΣ ΓΕΥΣΕΙΣ”, which will take place on Friday, September 22, at 19:00. Here, award-winning chefs and culinary experts will present their delicious creations and teach you the secrets of seafood. Planned wine degustation.

Pasalimani (Πασαλιμάνι)

The PIRAEUS TASTE FAIR will be held in Pasalimani from Friday 22 September to Sunday 1 October, opening on Thursday 21 September at 7:30 pm.

Alexandras Square (Πλατεία Αλεξάνδρας)

The cooperation between the Municipality of Piraeus and the Acropolis Chefs Club in Attica continues this year with the program “ΣΙΝΕΜΑ ΣΤΟ ΠΙΑΤΟ”. The events will take place on Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 September, starting at 19:00 (cooking and tasting), as well as showing films in the summer cinema.

In the context of the environmental nature of the festival, the serving products are biodegradable and disposable, and all activities are built on the principles of a closed loop and a sustainable social economy.

As the management notes: “Through the festival, the municipal authorities of Piraeus aim to highlight the culinary identity of the city, which, combined with the uniqueness of the city (and port), can attract even more visitors. We express our deep gratitude to those who participate – the institutions and businesses of our city, and those who support us again this year. We invite all Piraeus residents and visitors to celebrate these days together, paying tribute to the culinary traditions that only Piraeus can offer.”

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