June 14, 2024

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A man was washed away by a flood in Menidi – shocking video

A man tried to cross a stream that had overflowed after heavy rains brought by Cyclone Daniel and was carried away by a rapid stream.

A fire brigade operation was organized to rescue him and, fortunately, he was pulled out alive after three hours. The man, according to the ΣΚΑΙ TV channel, managed to hold on to the debris and tree roots that had fallen in the stream and was thus saved.

Road subsidence in Moschato – landslide on Schistos Avenue
Apart from Thessaly and Magnesia, where it caused immeasurable damage, Cyclone Daniel caused problems in Attica, and especially in the road network.

Early on Thursday morning, traffic on Schistos Avenue was temporarily interrupted due to a landslide. The landslide occurred on Schistos Avenue on the road to the new Athens-Corinthos national road, at the 2nd kilometer before NEOAK in the Scaramanga region. According to the latest data update, traffic has been restored.

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