Official announcement of the beginning of the monkeypox pandemic

The World Health Organization yesterday, June 23, 2022, officially announced the start of a pandemic, according to the organization’s website. According to BB.LV, referring to WHO data, the incidence of monkeypox continues to grow – in the world, according to official statistics, there are already almost 3.5 thousand victims. Experts express concern that humanity is […]

Greece: First case of monkeypox

The first case of monkeypox in humans, officially confirmed, was detected in Greece, the man recently returned from Portugal. The patient was admitted with characteristic symptoms to the hospital “Ανδρέας Συγγρός”, according to the National Public Health Organization ΕΟΔΥ. After examining the patient, a sample was taken from him for testing, which was sent for […]

Is Greece prepared for a monkeypox outbreak?

A new virus called “monkey pox” has caused alarm in Greece. Health authorities are on high alert, and citizens are concerned – the disease has already spread to 15 countries around the world. So far, no case has been confirmed in Greece, first suspicious was determined to be chickenpox, reports ΕΟΔΥ. Following the results of […]

Obesity saves from infection with COVID-19

An unusual mechanism to avoid re-infection with coronavirus was discovered by scientists in Israel. A study by Dr. Karmit Cohen and her colleagues at the Sheba Medical Center in Israel found that an elevated BMI (body mass index) increases the immune response to reinfection, reports ISRAEL21c. In a large-scale study, scientists found out what is […]

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