How often can you get sick with coronavirus

Scientists have determined the approximate frequency of re-infection with coronavirus and told what factors increase the risk of meeting with it regularly. According to The Guardian, the study was carried out by Danish scientists and specialists from the Yale University School of Medicine (USA), using available data on infections and incidence from the beginning of […]

Heat and coronavirus – how the weather affects COVID-19

Russian infectious disease specialist Vikulov spoke about the features of coronavirus infection in the summer heat, RIA Novosti reports. Immunologist Georgy Vikulov, an infectious disease doctor, director of the Research Center for the Prevention and Treatment of Viral Infections, warns in an interview on Sputnik radio about the negative impact of warm weather on patients […]

COVID-19 and children – new research

Coronavirus research does not stop for a moment to obtain the maximum data about it. Information is becoming more and more complete, including about the characteristics of infection and the course of infection in children. In South Korea, scientists have concluded that adolescents from 10 to 19 years old are full-fledged carriers of the coronavirus […]

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