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Who is the arsonist? Fires on Parnit, in Aspropyrgos and Evros

The 15 man-made fires on Evros and the fires at Aspropyrgos and the Kleston Monastery that started at the same time are the main elements of the massive investigation being carried out by the fire department, the police and the National Security Service to find out exactly what happened in the five days of the great catastrophe.

Analysts of the relevant services, first of all, come to the conclusion that these are two different cases, both in terms of causes, and in size, and the type of double firestorm.

Starting from Parnita, special employees of the fire brigade record the following signs: first, at 08:35, at intervals of several minutes, flashed three fires (then at 09:04 and 09:15), which happened inadvertently, as some people, whose identities have not yet been established, lit fires either to drive snakes out of the gardens of their homes, or to burn tires in order to burn the insulation of stolen earlier than electric cables, as a result of which, due to strong winds, they immediately acquired large-scale dimensions.

And so, when powerful firefighting forces, both air and ground, were thrown into the fight in Aspropyrgos, suddenly at 11:56 a single fire in the forest near the Clestone Monastery.

The first helicopter arrived at the fire at 12:01, and at 12:03 4 aircraft arrived at the scene. However, it was not possible to localize the fire, and the flame rushes towards Fili with incredible speed. According to investigators, for the first time (?) fire service employees detect a fire of such intensity, with the so-called “supporting fire”, when special bookmarks in the form of combustible materials or gas cylinders, or fire of 2021 was not so?).

According to analysts, the fire was moving in a north/northwest direction, against the direction of the wind. This is played by local air currents created by temperature differences, as well as terrain (gorges), creating what firefighters call in their language “the effect of the washing machine.” That is, when the north wind enters the ravines and, with the help of the temperature difference created by the fire, makes it rotate like a laundry tub, and eventually turns it in the opposite direction. Thus, the fire changed direction and moved towards the Parnita National Park, which especially complicated the work of firefighters.

As for the causes of the fire, analysts have not yet come to a conclusion, but they are studying the data. Firstly, this is a fire, secondly, high-voltage pylons pass through the site, and thirdly, this is a particularly difficult area.

Fire in Evros

As for the fire in Alexandroupolis, the authorities found that last Saturday (08/19/2023), within a few minutes, the fire broke out from Lavaras Evros towards Alexandroupoli in places where there is neither human activity nor high-voltage pylons.

That is, despite the fact that no human activity was carried out in the area, 15 points of ignition were recorded there, which, according to the authorities, occurred at the hands of a person. That is why the National Intelligence Service joined the investigation (ΕΥΠ) and the police, as well as a special department of the fire service. Thus, they came to the conclusion that the fire was caused by human hands, but so far it cannot be attributed to negligence or arson.

Authorities try to avoid talking about what the locals are well aware of, namely the fact that the Dadias forest area, which is now on fire, is in the path of illegal migrants, who have been crossing the Greek border with Turkey by the thousands for the last month. It is known that illegal immigrants, having crossed the border, stop at night in the forest and burn fires, warming themselves and cooking their own food. According to police, about 900 people cross the border from Turkey every day.

It is worth noting that a lot of videos appeared on the social networks of the region about finding incendiary devices in the forests near Alexandroupoli. In the video, the authors show bookmarks with combustible materials that they found in the forest.

Such a policy of silence is clearly related to the fact that the project “climate crisis” a lot of money allocated. And the population should not even have the idea that fires are the work of human hands.

To the question posed in the title of the material, it would be worth adding another important question: who is the customer? And who paid for all this?

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