June 14, 2024

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Documento: the government and Mitsotakis hid behind Zelensky from the smoke of devastating fires

Fires have engulfed the entire country, from Evros and Alexandroupolis to Phthiotis and Attica, but ministers and government officials are shining on the beaches, and Kyriakos Mitsotakis has been participating in communications meetings for the second day to raise his international profile after an unexpected announcement of a deeper involvement of the country in the Russian- Ukrainian war.

With these words characterizes well-known Greek journalist Minas Konstantinou, author of a publication known for its tough political investigations documento news. With Pavlos Marinakis, who took responsibility for carrying out the government line from … the evacuation of fire victims to the “drums of war” that thundered in the Maksim mansion on Monday, welcoming Volodymyr Zelensky: the government is moving forward while the fiery noose is strangling the country.

“This is a new reality that we must come to terms with. The absolute priority has been and remains the protection of human life. Greece has already mourned the victims, and we must not mourn them any more on the front of fires and on the front of the aftermath of any such natural disasters,” were some of the words of a government spokesman on Tuesday morning, just hours before the shocking news of the tragic deaths of dozens of people burned to death on the outskirts of Alexandroupolis. Authorities said they were at least 18 migrants, emphasizing their foreign origins, though reports suggest more.


However, aside from the government spokesman, the only thing that seems to be in place is the government’s 112 evasion policy and traffic bans in dangerous areas, as well as the work of the prime minister’s communications staff, which continues to operate. as if nothing is happening.


Thus, as of Tuesday morning, Mr. Mitsotakis resumed his regular work schedule, welcoming the President of Moldova, the President of Montenegro with the Prime Minister of Kosovo and the Prime Minister of Serbia for official meetings at the Prime Minister’s Residence. Having confirmed at the end of yesterday’s pro-war fiesta that “Conference on the Western Balkans” was nothing more than a pretext for mediating the promotion of Euro-Atlantic plans for Ukraine.


At the meeting with Maia Sandu from Moldova, the country’s membership in the European Union was discussed in general terms; in a meeting with Jakov Milatovic from Montenegro, the message was identical, and with Albin Kurti from Kosovo they talked about “businesslike”. At a meeting with Aleksandar Vučić (Serbia), the mood was already tense, as he expressed his concern about the composition of the participants “Athens Conference”.

In any case, instead of images and information about the mobilization of the state apparatus, the activation of ministers and officials, or even visits by the prime minister to focal points, the news media is flooded with the usual meetings of Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

At the same time, the residents of Evros and Alexandroupolis are experiencing a real nightmare: in the footage, exhausted patients flee from the hospital to … the ferry; citizens trying alone to save their property complain of meager government assistance. Evia, Boeotia, Aspropyrgos and Parnita create a nightmarish picture, and the government … is silent.


Or, more accurately, responds through P. Marinakis to every criticism:
“To seriously understand what this situation is and how to deal with it. The opposition, unfortunately, continues – despite the fact that there were no elections – to instrumentalize, to try to instrumentalize all possible and unlikely causes. Although this phenomenon occurs all over the world “She’s trying to find benefits everywhere. She’s blaming everyone for everything, and I think we don’t have time right now, the gravity of the situation doesn’t allow us to have that kind of debate.”

One statement by a government representative is enough to characterize the attitude of the entire government towards another natural disaster …

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