July 14, 2024

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The interim government of Afghanistan, formed by the Taliban movement, asks Russia for money: on the road to Europe

The five billionth project of the Trans-Afghan Railway was designed to connect European countries with Russia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Uzbekistan and the countries of Southeast Asia.

It was stopped due to lack of funding after the Taliban came to power. Now they have asked Russia for money to revive the project, which is designed, in total, for five years, writes BB.LV., referring to the statement of the Minister of Trade and Industry of the country Nuriddin Azizi.

The interim government of Afghanistan offered Russia to participate in the construction of the Trans-Afghan railway. A similar proposal was made to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Pakistan. Azizi said that the money invested in the construction of the road is an investment not only in Afghanistan, but also in other states. He suggested that all invited countries establish an office in Kabul to resolve technical issues as quickly as possible.

In 2021, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan agreed on a plan to build a Trans-Afghan railway with a length of about 600 kilometers: Termez – Mazar-i-Sharif – Kabul – Peshawar. After coming to power in Afghanistan, the Taliban expressed their interest in continuing the construction of infrastructure facilities in the country together with Uzbekistan. It was also about the construction of the railway and power lines.

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