July 16, 2024

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Shark Mako in the Ionian Sea, on Zakynthos (video)

Two miles (3 km) from the port of Zakynthos, in the area between Kyllini and Kefalonia, a shark, probably a mako, was spotted.

A fisherman saw her and approached in a boat to see who it was. He was very surprised when he discovered that it was a shark. Apparently, it was a mako, also known as a gray-blue shark, mackerel shark, bonito, black-nosed shark, blue pointer – a large shark from the herring family.

The fisherman said writes CNN that she was not at all aggressive, on the contrary, she was very calm and swam next to the boat like a dolphin. This species of shark is migratory, found at great depths, and they do not go to the beaches.

Mako sharks reach quite large sizes. The average length of adults is about 3.2 m, and the weight is 60-135 kg. Females are larger than males. Mako shark is often found in the open ocean, where it is able to attack small boats. It is referred to the most aggressive cannibals with good reason. Mako usually eats fish (often quite large), cephalopods, crustaceans.

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