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Profile of 27-year-old Anastasia on an elite escort website

While the authorities are trying to shed light on the brutal murder of 27-year-old Polish Anastasia Rubinska, who was found dead in the Alykes area of ​​Kos, new information from the Greek media is causing a sensation.

The unfortunate Polish woman was found naked, with many wounds all over her body, while her face was disfigured by blows. Her body was wrapped in a sheet and half placed in a plastic bag. So far, a suspect in the murder of a girl 32 year old Bangladeshi, who was the last person seen with her, denies everything. He will reportedly testify in court on Wednesday.

At the same time, according to the publication newsbreak.gr, on the Polish site of an elite escort, a profile was found with the name and photographs of the girl. It is not yet known if she created it herself or if someone else did it. This is the site strefa-hostess.pl, which hosts escort ads and still has a polka profile.

“site-hostess.pl is the ideal place for companies and individuals who are looking for escorts, models, photo models for exhibitions, promotions, events, receptions, etc. You can easily find the person you need using a convenient search engine. On zone-hostess.pl portal you will find more than 60,000 registered girls and guys with their profile descriptions and photo galleries, which you can view for free without registration. On the website, you can negotiate prices yourself and offer work to employees without intermediaries, ”the website says.

Recall, as the Athens News website previously reported, Anastasia, who worked in a hotel on the island of Kos, disappeared without a trace on Monday 12 June. A group from the homicide department arrived on the island from Athens, trying to shed light on disappearance Anastasia Rubinskaya. On Sunday, June 18, the body of a girl with multiple injuries was found 1 km from the residence of the Bangladeshi man with whom she was last seen.

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