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Kos: the first results of the investigation into the death of 27-year-old Anastasia

A 32-year-old man from Bangladesh is responsible for the death of Anastasia from Poland, whose body was found on Sunday – all the evidence in the case points to this. However, the man does not confess to the crime, today at noon he will appear before the investigating judge.

A forensic examination by the Criminal Investigation Department is expected to uncover important new facts about the death of a young girl who, according to first reports, was dying “slowly and painfully.”

There is information that she was strangled, but it is not yet clear – with the hands of the attacker or with the use of any object. The evidence against the Bangladeshi man is clear, although he still takes a hardline stance, admitting nothing.

A man is arrested for kidnapping and for sexual intercourse with a person unable to resist. According to reports, the investigating judge will expand the indictment. It is possible that charges will also be brought against his roommate – it is now being clarified whether he helped the accused in transporting Anastasia’s body. It was found in the grass under a tree, 1 km from the detainee’s house.

The body was discovered by a civil defense volunteer participating in the search for the missing girl. The strong smell of decomposition was carried by the wind, which led to the trail. On the body of the deceased, naked below the waist and wrapped in a sheet, there are signs of a struggle and signs of strangulation.

According to investigators, the man lured her to his home after they met a few hours earlier at a mini-market, under the pretext of giving her cannabis, which the victim allegedly asked for. The Bangladeshi man tried to have sex with her, but the girl resisted. Trying to escape, she may have fought with all her might, inflicting scratches on the man’s neck and arms, after which a violent death could follow, writes CNN Greece. Anastasia’s hair was found in the detainee’s house.

At noon on Saturday, the girl’s mobile phone was found in an abandoned building, just 500 meters from the suspect’s house, and taken to the forensic laboratory to restore the last route the girl traveled before she disappeared. The SIM card has been removed from the mobile phone, confirming the scenario of criminal activity.

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