May 25, 2024

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360-kilogram man makes claims against the Greek healthcare system

Sheriff Siahin, who lives in Komotini (Greece), has been undergoing unprecedented suffering for many years and complains that because of his weight, even EKAB refuses to serve him, because he weighs … 360 kg, which makes it impossible to take him to the hospital by ambulance help.

The problem came to light recently when the 58-year-old sheriff had to be taken to the hospital. “When he calls 112, he is always told that he is overweight and therefore they don’t send him an ambulance,” the man’s lawyer complains to

A man is bedridden and, with the only support of his wife, trying to survive while the National Health System itself refuses him, because his oversized physique does not allow “effective medical care.”

This is a particularly problematic situation. The National Health System has not found a way to serve such patients.. As a result, he has to turn to private services.

“A person is suffering because no hospital accepts him to treat. But periodically he needs to donate blood and undergo other diagnostic procedures. And how can he do it on his own?!” the lawyer complains, emphasizing urgent need to help a bedridden personwho cannot leave the house.

“The previous doctor in the hospital offered treatment for weight loss, this can only be done at Rio University Hospital and even after an out-of-court letter sent by lawyer Nikos Antoniadis. For this, someone needs to come and transport him to the clinic. However, before that, he needs to do special medical tests, which are carried out in a regular district hospital (in Kommotini). But this was never done, and time is running out, ”his lawyer emphasized.

Rio University Hospital, after an out-of-court hearing, sent the man a positive response (taking him in for treatment), but “let him come with some tests” to evaluate his clinical condition. All in all, things went wrong…

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