September 27, 2023

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Greek summer 2023 without heat wave?

The weather in Europe has been erratic in recent days, and Guido Guidi, one of the best meteorologists, predicts that this scenario will continue beyond mid-July.

Both Italy and all of Europe are experiencing a strange weather season as there has been little or no spring (in the traditional Mediterranean term) this year, with April and May being unusually cold and rainy months in much of Europe. Especially in Italy, the rainfall broke all records in many parts of the country, finally ending the dry season, which lasted a full 16 months.

Entering the first days of June, meteorologists note that the weather conditions have not changed, the temperature remains below the normal level for this season, and heavy rains continue, with a tendency to become even more heavy in the coming period, according to

According to Guido Guidi, one of the best meteorologists in Italy, mathematical models of global weather analysis insist that such a scenario can persist in the Mediterranean basin after mid-July.

“On June 27, a new version of the ECMWF high-resolution European mathematical model will be released, the maps of which are already available. But the first data that it shows are obvious. We could reach mid-July without almost any heat wave that affected the Mediterranean countries and especially Italy, Greece and the Balkans “, the meteorologist notes.

The possibility of Europe going through a year without a (hot) summer is analyzed by Guido Guidi. In an interview with the Italian site, he argues that everything is possible, and therefore such a scenario cannot be ruled out.

The January 15, 2022 volcanic eruption of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean could affect the global climate, researchers say. In any case, climate change occurs regardless of whether it was influenced by an external factor, for example, a volcanic eruption, if we recall the summer of 2022, when, apart from a strong heat wave in June, July and August were quite calm in Italy and the Southeast. Europe, without the extreme heatwaves we’ve seen in Western Europe.

However, there can be no definite answers. “So, if the estimates of a specific mathematical model, which is considered one of the most reliable, are confirmed, then it is possible that until mid-July we will not have any heat waves in Italy, Greece and the Balkans. And now about the third month of the summer season, which is August, will there be heat waves? Guidi emphasizes. – However, I wouldn’t be surprised if, after two whole centuries, 2023 will be the year without a summer in Europe.”.

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