Weather: heat up to 40°С and dust

On Saturday, good weather conditions will prevail throughout Greece, and the temperature will rise even more, reaching 38-40°C. Temperatures, according to the meteorological service of the National Observatory of Athens, will range from 16°C to 36°C in Western Macedonia, from 19°C to 38-39°C in the rest of Northern Greece, from 18 to 37°C in Epirus […]

Ways to balance blood pressure in the heat

High temperature and humidity air can cause health problems. These include hypertension and heart disease. The body, in an attempt to balance its temperature in the heat, forces the heart to work twice as hard and increases blood flow to the skin. Hot weather has a particularly negative effect on heart and hypertensive patients, nutritionist […]

A heat wave is coming when it reaches Greece

The meteorologist warns of the approaching record heat wave, but it is still almost a week away. On Sunday, Sakis Arnautoglu warned on Facebook that a heat wave is expected in Europe at the end of the week. It is expected that it will reach Greece as well. Most likely, the meteorologist assumes, records of […]

Greece: Weekend weather increases wildfire risk

Dangerous conditions for starting wildfires are expected to prevail in several regions of Greece over the weekend, she said. meteorological service The National Observatory of Athens in its latest forecast on Friday. Young firefighters, mostly under the age of 30, from Bulgaria, Germany, France, Romania, Norway and Finland will be based in Athens, Larisa and […]

May heat wave: temperatures up to 40°C

According to forecasts in the coming days, Greece will flood mini “heat wave” with a temperature of 38°C, which is much higher than the seasonal average. The hottest days will be Thursday and Friday, May 26-27. The heat wave will last until Saturday May 28, and the air temperature, according to forecasts, can reach even […]

The heat is back: the thermometer reaches 42 degrees

The new heatwave, which began earlier in the week, is expected to peak today. According to forecasts from the National Observatory of Athens /, the temperature will reach 42⁰C on Wednesday. A strong sense of discomfort will reignite, especially in Athens and the suburbs, where dust and ash pollution will make it difficult to breathe. […]

Weather: the peak of the heat will come on August 2

According to the latest forecasts from the National Observatory of Athens /, high temperatures in Greece will continue over the weekend. Peak will occur on Monday 2 August when temperatures will exceed 45˚C locally. The question arises: why does this hot heatwave last so long and is accompanied by such high temperatures? “The answer […]

The heat can last 10 days

The country is experiencing the second day of a new wave of heat waves, and, according to meteorologists, this is just the beginning. One of the most alarming scenarios predicts that the heat wave will last up to 10 days and the air temperature will rise to + 45 ° C. During the current heat […]

The heat returns from Monday …

The National Meteorological Service of Greece reports that the days of moderately hot weather are coming to an end and from Monday the heat starts again … Due to the decrease in the speed of the storm winds that have dominated most of Greece for the past few days, the air temperature will begin to […]

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