September 27, 2023

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Mitsotakis contracted Covid-19 and canceled a visit to Athos

New Democracy leader and former Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis contracted Covid-19 and canceled a visit to the Republic of Monks on Mount Athos, he said on his personal FB account.

This is the second case of Mitsotakis Covid infection. The first time was in March 2022 when he tested positive after meeting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Istanbul.

In the run-up to the June 25 elections and in the context of his campaign, the former prime minister visited several regions of the country and the suburbs of Athens, actively mingling with the crowds of ND supporters, which includes close contacts and handshakes. Neither he nor those around him wore any form of protection, such as a mask.

According to the leader of the New Democracy: “You have to pay for hugs and kisses during the pre-election period – today I took a test for COVID, it is positive. So I have to spend a few days at home. The trip to Athos is postponed. But I can make a video on TikTok”…

The visit, which was heavily publicized in the media, was reportedly aimed at persuading the monks in the monasteries to stop promoting the new religious-patriotic political party NIKI, which is allegedly funded by the monasteries of the Republic of Monks and therefore some of them with close ties to Russia. .

The party, little known before the May 21 elections, is now projected to possibly break the 3 percent barrier to enter parliament in the June 25 elections, cutting seats for the conservative New Democracy.

Surrounded by Mitsotakis, two other ND officials said they had also contracted Covid-19. The number of the infected crowd…is unknown.

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