December 1, 2023

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Tragedy: Lost 2-year-old girl found dead

The investigation launched on Monday to search for a two-year-old girl who went missing on 29/05 in Pyrgos ended tragically. As a result of the search operation, the baby’s body was found.

According to preliminary information, she drowned. The body of a child was found in a canal in the Kataraga region, according to ilialive.

Yesterday, according to patrisnews, police and firefighters searched a large area on the western side of Pyrgos, from the ΣΕΤΤΗΛ camp area to “Philotea” at the entrance to the city. However, they did not find a minor child or any evidence that could lead to a trace. The police were involved in the investigation. OPKEthe Pyrgos fire brigade, and the EMAK sniffer dog.

Immediately after the news of the disappearance of the girl, Asimakis Korakis, the president of the Association of Greek Gypsies, stated the following: “As you can see, a tragic event has occurred. A small child is missing. Firefighters and police are struggling to find him. As far as I understand, even more strength is needed to search, including in reservoirs. According to the parents, the child was sleeping, but suddenly woke up and probably left the house. Since then, his traces have been lost.

As a result, the baby’s body was found. Information about the cause of death will be given after the autopsy.

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