September 27, 2023

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Accident in the ship repair zone of Peram – one dead and two injured

The tragedy occurred on Monday afternoon in the Perama shipbuilding and repair yards – a 47-year-old man died in an accident at work, and two other workers were seriously injured.

The tragic incident occurred near the ship, which was undergoing repairs. While lifting, a propeller blade fell on the workers, killing the crane operator and injuring two other workers, aged 47 and 43.

The crane operator was reportedly trying to raise the propeller blade. At that moment, he and two of his colleagues were on scaffolding. Either the load was loose or there was a problem with the equipment, but the heavy blade slipped from the slings and fell onto the scaffolding, falling directly on the crane operator. The man was literally crushed. His peer suffered leg injuries, and the second worker suffered a head injury.

The crane operator was taken unconscious to the Tzanio hospital, where he was pronounced dead. His colleague was taken to the same hospital, who has serious leg injuries, and, according to doctors, he will be operated on without risk to life. Another worker with a head injury was taken to a private hospital.

The cause of the accident is under investigation.

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