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Top 10 car manufacturing countries

The automotive industry is an industry in which China and the United States are actively competing.

The competition between them, in addition to geopolitical and diplomatic aspects, is also fierce in the automotive market. China produced more than 21.4 million vehicles and 4.6 million commercial vehicles in 2021, with a total production of just over 26 million vehicles. The US is in second place, producing over 1.5 million vehicles and 7.6 million commercial vehicles. The largest car manufacturers in China (BYD, SAIC, FAW, Chang’an, Dongfeng) annually produce hundreds of thousands of cars in series, and recently they plan to “capture the market” of Europe.

The top 10 countries in the world in car production, according to the International Organization of Automobile Manufacturers (OICA), for 2021 include:

  1. China (26.08 million)
  2. USA (9.17 million),
  3. Japan (7.85 million),
  4. India (4.40 million),
  5. South Korea (3.46 million),
  6. Germany (3.31 million),
  7. Mexico (3.15 million),
  8. Brazil (2.25 million)
  9. Spain (2.10 million),
  10. Thailand (1.69 million).

For 2022, the figures are based on Forbes research.

But let’s look back a little: in 1950, the United States accounted for over 80% of the world’s automobile production. In the 1960s, two major players appeared in the automotive industry – Japan and Germany.. By 1990, they accounted for 27.4% and 12.7% of world car production. However, as in the US, The market share of Japan and Germany has declined in recent years. Mainly driven by auto production in China, which is experiencing impressive growth, reaching 37.5% of global production in 2021. However, the United States remains the largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles such as trucks.

The financial crisis of 2008 heavily affected the global production of automobiles in the US, Japan and Germany, causing a sharp drop in production. However, production has rebounded, thanks to strong demand for cars between 2005 and 2021, with China taking the lead in global car production. Since 2020, global car production has been falling, mainly due to the pandemic, but also more recently due to the war in Ukraine.

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