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Jury finds Trump guilty, makes him $5 million poorer

On Tuesday, May 9, a court in New York found former US President Donald Trump guilty of sexual harassment and defamation.

He will have to pay damages in the amount of $ 5 million as part of a civil lawsuit filed against the politician by 79-year-old American writer Jean Carroll. The woman claimed that in 1996, Trump harassed her in the lingerie department of a luxury mall in Manhattan, first asking her to help choose a gift for another woman. After she refused to try on a set of underwear, he took her into the fitting room and had sexual intercourse with her there, causing her pain, writes dw.

The former US president denied the allegations and called the woman a liar. After about two and a half hours of deliberation, the jury, which consisted of six men and three women, made a decision: Trump should pay Caroll about five million dollars in compensation – for sexual beatings and slander.

How writes FAZ, Trump did not take the opportunity to speak at the trial. Meanwhile, Jean Carroll did not miss a single meeting on this case. Intent on running again for the presidency in the 2024 election, Trump commented on the court’s decision:

“I have absolutely no idea who this woman is. This court decision is a disgrace. The continuation of the largest witch hunt of all time. We will appeal this decision. Somehow we will have to fight this. We cannot allow our country plunged into this abyss. It’s shameful.”

Trump’s lawyer Joe Takopina said at the trial that Jean Carroll filed rape charges against his client just to successfully sell her new book.

This is not a criminal matter. In a civil lawsuit like Carroll’s, the jury had to determine whether her legal team proved that Trump had beaten with most of the established facts. The jury had to be unanimous in order to reach a verdict, but could have reached different verdicts on each of the two requirements – battery and defamation *, writes CNN.

A jury acquitted former President Donald Trump of rape but found him guilty of sexual assault and defamation.

Under New York City law, a person is liable for sexualized assault when they subject another person to non-consensual sexual contact. At the same time, sexual contact means “any touching of the genitals or other intimate parts of a person in order to satisfy the sexual desire of either party.” Rape refers to a situation where a person forces another person to have sexual intercourse without their consent. Sexual intercourse is considered “any penetration, even insignificant.” Both sexualized violence and rape are sex crimes in New York.

The court ordered Trump to pay Carroll two million dollars in damages as part of the settlement of the lawsuit for attempted rape and another three million for defamation and damage to her reputation. The lawsuit was civil, so the former US president was threatened only with a fine.

*Defamation is an international legal term that is used as a general term in relation to various types of violations of the rights to protect honor, dignity, reputation and good name. Defamation is the dissemination of defamatory information. The difference between defamation and slander is that in slander, the criminal moment consists in the deliberate falsity of the announced facts or information that dishonors the slandered person, while in defamation, disclosure itself is considered illegal.

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