June 23, 2024

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Mitsotakis ‘throws the gauntlet’ to Tsipras: ‘Whoever loses the election will leave’

Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis threw down the gauntlet to SYRIZA leader Alexis Tsipras on Thursday afternoon, offering him a condition: whoever loses the election must step down from the leadership of the party.

During a discussion with the Mayor of Trikkaion at the Tsitsanis Museum, Mitsotakis commented on Mayor Papastergiou’s words by presenting an app that shows which basketball or football fields are free so that children can book them and not have to wait. He said: “When we played basketball in America, we had a rule: win – stay, lose – leave, the next one goes to play.”

The link is believed to be a “hint” for Tsipras to step down as leader of SYRIZA if he loses the 2023 election again. The announcement came just days after President SYRIZA announced Mitsotakis’s departure from New Democracy’s leadership. In particular, Tsipras called pluralism in SYRIZA a sign of health, making a prediction, with the main addressee within his party, that if he loses the election, he will not hold on to the leadership position.

Clarifying that SYRIZA is a “different flock” and commenting on other parties, Tsipras said: “We see a false silence, and under it destruction. In other words, if Mr. Mitsotakis loses this election, he will most certainly not be able to remain as leader of the party the next day.” he said of New Democracy, assessing the prime minister’s political future as “gloomy” in the event of his defeat.

Of his own prospects, however, he limited himself to stating: “It’s different in SYRIZA: if Tsipras wins, he will be highly commended; if he loses, he won’t hold on to his post, and I think that’s good for anyone – say it publicly and openly.”

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