July 24, 2024

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Ukrainian Armed Forces attacked Sevastopol with naval drones

A new attack against the Russian Black Sea Fleet was carried out by Ukraine on the night of April 24, with the help of naval drones that tried to break into the Streletskaya Bay of Sevastopol.

According to commander Mikhail Raibozaev, one surface drone attacked the Black Sea Fleet and was destroyed, while the second exploded on its own without causing any damage.

From the explosions of the destroyed naval drones, the windows in four residential buildings were shattered. This was announced in social networks by the head of the region Mikhail Razvozhaev, further quote:

“I instructed Vice-Governor Evgeny Sergeevich Gorlov to calculate the damage and repair the damage. Management companies with operational services conduct house-to-house walks around the territory in Streletskaya Bay. Windows are already being glazed.

On the night of April 24, Sevastopol was attacked by naval drones. At 03:30, the townspeople heard loud explosions. According to the governor of Sevastopol, one of the enemy surface drones was destroyed by anti-submarine and sabotage forces, the second exploded on its own.

In the morning, eyewitnesses began to upload photos showing damage to houses in Streletskaya Bay. According to local residents, an advertising structure also suffered from the shock wave. In his message, Mikhail Razvozhaev clarifies an important point – the sea drone did not enter the Streletskaya Bay. The destruction of the drone was carried out on the outer roadstead. Buildings, piers and other infrastructure facilities were not damaged.

The attack of surface drones of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Crimea was hardly a complete surprise for the Russians, but it became an unpleasant surprise for them, because drones were able to bypass several layers of protection. As of April 23, the Russian naval base in Sevastopol was protected by six layers of booms, according to fresh satellite images of the location.

Video: how naval drones tried to break into Sevastopol

These physical barriers are designed specifically to prevent Ukrainian maritime drones from entering the harbor. They are a visible sign of the defensive position that the Russian army has taken in Crimea, note publication analysts Naval News.

As satellite images show, there are few more visible signs of strengthening Russian defenses in Crimea than the six layers of nets and booms in Sevastopol Bay. Reinforced defense, first of all, is directed against Ukrainian sea drones.

What was the meaning of the latest attack by Ukrainian maritime drones remains to be seen. It is possible that, knowing about these defensive structures, Ukraine deliberately aimed outside the main harbor, conducting the so-called. reconnaissance in combat. In any case, this attack should probably be seen as a preparatory step in the broader context of the expected UAF counteroffensive, military analysts summarize.

However, the result of this attack may be somewhat unexpected for Kyiv. The fact is that, according to the Russian Federation, the drones left Odessa, which gives a reason to either cancel the so-called. “grain corridor”, or attack the port of Odessa without hesitation. However similar attack in October 2022 did not become a reason for canceling the transaction. But won’t Erdogan become more categorical this time around, especially given that elections in Turkey are close at hand?

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