December 7, 2023

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What is the fine for parking on the sidewalk

Many drivers in Greece still have the bad habit of parking on sidewalks, which not only makes it very difficult for pedestrians to move, but is also severely punished.

“Chaos” reigns on most of the streets of Athens, as many drivers leave their cars wherever they please.

The movement of pedestrians on sidewalks is also evolving, given that they often have to literally maneuver between parked cars that do not leave space on the sidewalk. It goes without saying that it is illegal to park in this manner. In this connection, this act is regarded as a violation of the set of traffic rules and is punished accordingly.

In particular, in accordance with Article 34 of the SDA, it is forbidden to stand and park on sidewalks, squares, special areas intended for pedestrians, and even on bicycle paths. Violators of this provision are punished with a fine of 80 euros. (Ειδικότερα, όπως ορίζει ο Κώδικας Οδικής Κυκλοφορίας στο Άρθρο 34, η στάση και η στάθμευση απαγορεύεται σε πεζοδόμια, πλατείες, ειδικά ερείσματα που προορίζονται για πεζούς έως και ποδηλατοδρόμους. Όσοι παραβαίνουν τη συγκεκριμένη διάταξη τιμωρούνται με πρόστιμο ύψους 80 ευρώ).

Drivers are allowed to park on the sidewalk only with a special sign (marking). The problem of parking on the sidewalks was presented “in all its glory” by a photojournalist of the publication carandmotor.grwho visited some areas and was horrified to see the unprecedented footage and realize the scale of the “calamity”.

But, of course, one should not blame “reckless car owners” for everything, because everyone has long known that parking in the capital, frankly, is “not so hot.” As noted, the Municipality of Athens, for its part, is making significant efforts to facilitate the movement of people with disabilities by placing sensors of the latest generation at the crossings for the disabled, which notify the municipal police operations center in real time. And if your car is there, God forbid, it turns out, you will receive a “letter of happiness” and a fine.


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