June 25, 2024

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Florina: Lake Petron in Amintaio froze

The temperature in Florina dropped to -15°C. Cyclone Barbara is still in Greece. And despite the fact that the inhabitants of this region are accustomed to cold and snow, but even for them the situation is very difficult.

According to the ERT report, in the center the thermometer showed -9 ° C, while in many areas, on the outskirts and outside of Florina, frost intensified to -15 ° C in the evening and early morning hours.

The picture of the “winter Florina” (however, the same as in the winter of 2021) can be seen today in the Petra Amintaio area, where the heart-shaped lake is located. The reservoir was covered with ice due to the very low temperatures prevailing in the area these days due to the rampant “Barbara”.

The ice that densely covered the surface of the lake, combined with the snow-covered mountain ranges of the area (and the site of archaeological excavations), gives a special charming beauty to the surroundings, attracting the attention of a large number of visitors.

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