March 31, 2023

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Car turned night into day in Krasnoyarsk

A unique natural phenomenon – the fall of a large meteorite – was “filmed” by the surveillance cameras of Krasnoyarsk, and many are already talking about the “second sign”, after millions of black crows that literally darkened the sky over Kyiv.

Video posted online shows the moment a meteorite enters the atmosphere, turning night into day, then burning up and falling apart.

The remains of the meteorite apparently did not reach Earth, as local emergency authorities reported no problems.

Russian editions reportwhat “most residents of Krasnoyarsk and other cities located within a radius of at least hundreds of kilometers from it have not seen such a bright fireball for a long time “live”.

Some say there was silence, others heard a noise, hissing overhead, as if hot steam escaped from a narrow neck. And the arrow pierced the black sky obliquely, from top to bottom. Just a few seconds of flight, but we managed to see how the arrow split in two, the plume separated and went out a little earlier, the core – a moment later. Of course, many immediately understood what it is – in what century we live, we know what’s what.

For Krasnoyarsk scientists, this is, of course, an event. The observatory of the Siberian State University named after Academician Reshetnev recorded the flight of a celestial body. The head of the observatory, Sergei Veselkov, commented on the unique astronomical phenomenon:

– The fact that this is a car, there is no doubt. Judging by its brightness, and it is brighter than the full Moon, the fireball has a size of several meters, from 1 to 5. And such stones burn out almost completely when flying in the atmosphere, although some amount of matter may fall to the Earth’s surface.

If you manage to determine the trajectory of the flight of the fireball and compare it with the trajectory of the movement of a stone that flew 3 thousand kilometers from the Earth on January 26 (the discoverer Gennady Borisov), then certain conclusions can be drawn. It is possible that they will be from the same family of asteroids (belong to the same meteor shower). And if the trajectories have nothing in common, then it turns out that there are quite a lot of stones in the solar system that fly freely and near the Earth too. Now we need data that will help determine the trajectory of the movement of a celestial body. This can be done by the owners of the devices on which the car was captured.

Last week, huge flocks of crows circled over Kyiv.

“The video that circulated on the net was filmed in the Pechersky district of the Ukrainian capital. The crows flew in circles for a long time, and some of them circled over the cars of the townspeople,” the source said.

Local residents, commenting on the video on various social networks, noted that they had never seen so many black birds in the city. Many have suggested that this is a bad omen that warns of impending disasters: war, famine or epidemic.

“So, a lot of garbage and fell, since such a quantity”, “Call an exorcist. If it’s not too late”, “Restless for the birds”, “These are the souls of the dead that warn about something,” people wrote in the comments.

Some of the videos were reminiscent of films such as Night Watch and Resident Evil.

Experts say that such circling of birds, including crows, is quite natural. This behavior of birds is called murmuring and can occur when the weather changes. However, looking at this is still scary.

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