February 2, 2023

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Full alignment of the pre-election situation in Greece

Mitsotakis’ ruling New Democracy party is rapidly losing votes. To date, the greatest losses have “ND” in the Peloponnese, Evia, northern Athens, the western part of Attica, the islands of the Eastern Aegean and Crete.

In Macedonia, the question is whether the ND will exceed 20% in most prefectures in the central and western region. This follows from a recent survey of the embassy of one of the major Western countries, the results of which do not match the data of “custom” surveys, especially those that show the predominance of ND over competitors, the Greek edition reports. Pronews.

The regions where New Democracy still leads the polls and suffered the least losses are the southern and northern regions of V.Afinom, which are inferior in population to the western sector of the capital, V’Thessaloniki, part of Eastern Macedonia, Larisa and Trikala, but not Karditsa, where ND has recorded losses, and Central Greece, with the exception of Evia, where ND will see historically low interest rates.

It is noted that the position of the “New Democracy” regarding the funeral of the former King Constantine II cost the ruling party dearly, which lost another 1-1.5 points throughout the country. Observers note that Mitsotakis’s position regarding the funeral of a “private person” outraged even the “old core” of the party, as a result of which some party leaders took part in the funeral ceremony.

In the Peloponnese at Achaia, Ilia and Arcadia, ND is likely to see historic lows. Things are going better in Argolis, and only in Messinia, with the exception of Laconia, where the party still holds the lead.

The poll shows national numbers for the second time in a row: ND can get about 26% in the first ballot (with an ideal turnout), while the primaries are still shaky: SYRIZA is obviously the “last week” party, and those indicators that now seem stable, i.e. second place, are likely to be refuted.At the same time, PASOK-KINAL is slowly but surely poaching ND voters.

“SYRIZA” is still in the range of 27-30%, unless, of course, you listen to those who claim that “Tsipras has not started yet.” It works very well in the western sector of the former V’Athinon, Western Macedonia, the eastern Aegean, Peloponnese and eastern Central Greece, as well as in Xanthi, Rhodope and Thrace. It is also the first party in Karditsa and Magnesia.

N. Androulakis, the leader of PASOK-KINAL, has not yet been able to capitalize on the opposition wiretapping scandal, but SYRIZA, which does not have the same shit as Andrulakis, despite this, will benefit the most. This party’s percentage of votes will depend on how much pressure Androulakis puts on ND, as ND’s electorate is moving in bulk to SYRIZA and not to PASOK-KINAL.

The sharp decline in living standards, vaccination, government corruption and, of course, the well-known financial scandals in which all members of parliament are “traditionally” involved, primarily the New Democrats, will decide the election result.

In the area “to the right of the ND” is the “Greek Solution” (Ελληνική Λύση), which has now become left flank, after the even more right “Kasidiaris party” (Έλληνες για την Πατρίδα), has internal problems, stubbornly refusing to open itself to the “right political society” , apparently due to the political uncertainty of its president, K. Velopoulos, and has a chance of getting about 6%, while, in theory, it could become a third party.

As for the “Kasidiaris party”, if it is still not banned, it has a solid chance of getting into parliament, and this is precisely what very afraid in “ND”. And not so much because they are worried about their political rating, but because any party that gets into parliament reduces the likelihood that the winning party will not receive a majority of votes and will not be able to create a government without an alliance with other parties (this is impossible even in the second ballot) and seats close to the “magic” number of 135 they expect to get, thanks to the “Greek decision” and possibly some PASOK MPs, which could give them 151-152 votes in parliament.

Other parties “to the right of the New Democracy”, of which there are more than five, are hardly gaining … 5% all together.

The “Free Motherland” (Ελεύθερη Πατρίδα) of Professor Nikos Vasiliadis has some chance. Of course, it is unlikely that Ελεύθερη Πατρίδα will receive even 3%, but today it has twice as many supporters as in the 2019 elections, and their number is growing rapidly against the backdrop of recent events.

Greek political scientists and journalists on various shows and programs are wondering why right-wing political movements do not unite? In their opinion, the whole point is that some of them are clearly playing the role of a “dummy figure of Megaro Maximo” and not grandiose “patriotic parties.” And the rest simply do not have “fuel”, i.e. money… But all this now. Before the elections, at the latest in July, the money will appear, and by this time Greece will face a period of serious political battles and … scandals. However, when they were not before the elections?

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