February 2, 2023

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Shock with Evangelatos on Twitter – "Now also … the undertaker".

A video of Greek journalist Nikos Evangelatos of Mega TV, who today dedicated most of his show to former King Constantine, who “passed away” at the age of 83, has gone viral due to the shocking visuals.

Mega journalist who used 3D graphics to resurrect the dead, get into boats and jump out of the flames, appeared today at Tatoi Royal Cemeterywhere will be buried former king of Greece.

Some noted that the journalist took on the role of the undertaker, others wondered if we would see him lying in the grave … Evangelatos himself, however, seems to enjoy continuing to be fond of 3D graphics …

Evangelatos “beautiful”, it’s good that he didn’t go inside for the performance #κωνσταντινος

Evangelatos did CGI with children’s graves, so by God, they won’t believe us if we tell this to an alien world.

When did Evangelatos play Phantasmagoria?

Say Evangelatos will come out of the studio’s grave for #Coconut’s funeral

Today Evangelatos was limited to walks outside the Glücksburg tombs. Tomorrow he will try to lie down a little inside.

Evangelatos will become an undertaker! …if you have an interest in the job.

Evangelatos later…

Do not count the number of jokes about this, nevertheless, the presenter is again at the top of popularity, albeit in such an original way …

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