February 3, 2023

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Thessaloniki: an attempt to feed cats from the balcony ended tragically for an elderly woman

While trying to feed street cats, an 87-year-old woman tragically died after falling from the third floor of an apartment building in Berea.

An ambulance arrived at the scene of the incident and took the woman to the hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead. According to police, at 4:15 pm, an elderly woman living in the apartment alone tried to throw cat food from the balcony and, having lost her balance, fell into the void. A passer-by who discovered her on the ground reported this to ΕΚΑΒ, writes newsbeast.gr.

As shown by the preliminary investigation, there are no signs of a criminal act or a suicide attempt.

Earlier, our publication talked about how a young woman in Pagrati tried to climb over from a neighboring balcony to her own, but fell off the 3rd floor and died as a result of a fall on the asphalt.

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