February 2, 2023

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The Germans oppose the government of O. Scholz for the continued supply of weapons to Kyiv: "Be careful or we will lead to the third world war"

Deputy Foreign Minister of Ukraine Andriy Melnyk said that Ukrainian forces need submarines, fighter jets, warships, air defense systems and ballistic missiles, and Germany must provide all this “already … yesterday” and in large quantities.

In fact, he demands their delivery urgently at a time when German citizens fear that this situation could lead to a Third World War, and political tensions are already affecting the SPD itself, which expresses serious concerns, especially in connection with the possible delivery of Leopard-1 tanks. or 2.

At the same time, a Bloomberg report shows the extent of Ukraine’s pressure on the German government: On Saturday, January 7, Ukraine’s ambassador in Berlin warned of catastrophic delays in decisions on future military support, days after the German government announced it would supply combat vehicles to Kyiv. Infantry Marder. Alexei Makeev said he was optimistic that Leopard tanks could be the next proposal.

The Iris-T and Gepard air defense system, previously supplied by Germany, “already gave a fantastic effect” in intercepting Russian missiles and drones, and “Marder” “will benefit our ground forces,” Makeev said in an interview with WirtschaftsWoche magazine. “It is clear that Germany wants to coordinate decisions with its partners, but it is extremely important that we do not hesitate too much in the purchase of weapons. Every day costs us many lives,” Makeev said.

German Internet users have reacted violently to this retelling of… Kyiv’s demands, noting that the regime’s appetites are growing dangerously. “I’m surprised you haven’t asked for nuclear warheads yet,” Twitter users ironically remarked.

“And then… you’re asking for 1200 H-bombs?” – wrote another user.

“I hope the German government will understand that the greed of the Ukrainian warmongers is boundless,” said a third.

The Germans are frightened by the prospect of a third world war, to which the world is approaching every day, as NATO’s involvement expands. Meanwhile, co-chair of Germany’s ruling Social Democratic Party (SPD), Lars Klingbeil, said yesterday (Saturday) that he was skeptical of Ukraine’s calls to deploy German Leopard tanks without a NATO decision.

“No country supplies armored tanks like the Leopard 1 or 2,” Klingbeil said in an interview with RTL and NTV. He stressed that “it is important that the Americans, the French and we, the federal government of Germany, weigh again and again our participation in this war.”

January 4 President France Emmanuel Macron declared in conversation with the President Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky that his government will send Kyiv wheeled tanks AMX-10 RC as part of assistance in the fight against Russian aggression. This was announced on Wednesday by a representative of the French government after a telephone conversation between the two presidents.

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