February 3, 2023

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Government Advisor: "Vote for ND – these are professional thieves, and amateurs in SYRIZA"! (video)

Andreas Drimiotis, who was appointed Digital Transformation Adviser to Minister of State Kyriakos Pyrrakakis in September 2019, made a shocking announcement.

He called ND a group of “professional thieves” and urged people to vote for them because “SYRIZA are amateur thieves.” “A professional thief will come to steal, he will not kill you. An amateur thief will come to steal and kill you…” he remarked with great cynicism. So the voters, too… will enjoy it.

“Honestly, this government, in the face of very difficult crises, has shown that it somehow managed to cope with them. We had Evros, covid, the war in Ukraine…”, said Andreas Drimiotis, trying to embellish the situation, and Aris Portosalte “silenced him”, noting that Mitsotakis “reacted first”.

However, Mr. Drimiotis then told the audience that the issue needed to be raised “more forcefully”. In fact, he “promoted” the ND as the most “suitable” government because it has “professionalism”, while SYRIZA, according to him, is to blame for the “amateurish crisis management” during her period …

It is worth noting that the self-proclaimed “professional thieves” of the New Democracy cost Greece 65 thousand people in 2020, 2021 and 2022, since this is the total number of additional deaths in these three years, when comparing the increase in the absolute number of deaths in each year with deaths in 2019 year!

An increase in the number of deaths due to inoculations with experimental vaccines and a deterioration in the health of citizens caused by constant partial or complete isolations and so on. In addition, there could have been much less than 35,000 deaths during the pandemic, and this is proved by the fact that Greece ranks first in Europe in the number of deaths per million people! Since the Greek people brought the government of Mitsotakis to power, what followed has been the worst nightmare and punishment of the voters:

  • Bloody suppression of the uprising of the people in Lesbos and Chios by imposing the presence of illegal immigrants in entire cities and villages.
  • Quarantine and confinement of residents in their homes on the occasion of the covid-19 pandemic (the most severe and longest lockdown in the world).
  • The actual cession of sovereign rights to Turkey by refusing to sink the Oruk Reis research vessel, which has been conducting research work on the Greek continental shelf for three months.
  • A dictatorship imposed by silencing and persecuting voices opposed to hard lockdowns.
  • Killer “trick” with vaccines and masks that made many government officials richer and sent more than 100,000 Greeks to the grave.
  • Extremely high level of corruption, with members of parliament from the ruling party becoming “vegetables”, “unconditionally” supporting all of the above
  • The return of the economic disaster to the levels of 2011-2014.
  • A colossal government wiretapping scandal that continues to hurt the country.
  • Partial disarmament of the islands of the Aegean, which dramatically increased the possibility of their occupation by Turkey.

Now in the Southwest they are resorting to the latest narrative they can claim to convince the people (who we can’t see) to vote for them. That “everyone is the same and everyone steals, so vote for us – we are the best managers!”.

A narrative that in itself is shameful not only for those who speak it, but also for those who hear it.

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