February 8, 2023

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How the French fool the Greeks with Belharra frigates and Rafale fighters

Several conflicts arose in the domestic defense industry due to two large purchases of Rafale fighters and Belharra frigates, which, by order of the Prime Minister’s Administration, were not included in the joint production.

The market is buzzing, and the electronic media (e.g. Enikos) write that Thasos Rozolis, President and CEO of ΑΚΜΩΝ, as President of ΣΕΚΠΥ (ASSOCIATION OF GREEK DEFENSE MATERIALS MANUFACTURERS), is plotting to obtain subcontract work for French frigates, incommensurable with his weight and experience.

The match that ignited the fire was a foreign publication that praises the Group Navale project and clearly emphasizes that Thassos Rozolis, as president and representative of ΣΕΚΠΥ, mainly promotes the interests of his company ΑΚΜΩΝ.

Subsequently, the fire spread to Mesogeya and Inofita, home to almost all of the highest-turnover defense enterprises in the industry, where ΣΕΚΠΥ members openly expressed their dissatisfaction at being excluded from the award process for a cogeneration project. In fact, during the public discussion of the arguments between Enikos and Tasos Rosoli, the key question was asked to the president of ΣΕΚΠΥ: “Is it true or not that a French company requested a tender from three companies, but ended up telling the other two not to participate in the tender, because the project was already awarded to you Why, Mr. Rosolini, such a rush to hand over to you a project that, apparently, would have cost them less than the other two companies?

However, the fight that broke out between the president of ΣΕΚΠΥ and members of the association seems to be taking place in someone else’s barn. For, as Enikos aptly remarks, “it would be nice if specific CONTRACTS (from NAVAL and Dassault) were announced to see if the crumbs were really divided in relation to billions of deliveries …”.

As reported previouslythe French corporation Dassault, having received $ 2.5 billion in prepayment from Greece, is now trying hard receive an additional 30 million to support Rafale.

For a year and a half, the French were defiantly indifferent to the fulfillment of this contractual obligation. And now, when the situation has reached the level of breaking the agreement, Dassault officials are scurrying back and forth between Athens and Paris to find a formula that will make it seem that the French are acting in accordance with the agreements reached.

There is another very important point. Compensation payments of past years from the Mirage 2000-5 programs, in respect of which there are suspicions and accusations of overpricing in favor of Dassault and to the detriment of the Greek state.

Mr. Peskov, Dassault’s central compensation coordinator, is being sought in Athens to provide some clarification to the Directorate General of Armaments as he is called to testify in court.

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