February 3, 2023

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Financial scandals "drown" ND shortly before the election, and this is clearly not the end

There is no end to the financial scandals shaking the New Democracy: the resignation of Themis Guimaras added to the scandals of Andreas Patsis, Costas Maraveias, Panagiot Capato and Maria Spiraka, as well as spying on the opposition, all in the months before the parliamentary elections.

But most of all, Maxim is frightened by the fact that the scandals on this, most likely, will not stop. SYRIZA and Polakis are investigating every case they can and are sure they will uncover more cases like this. This makes sense because when some people get “special treatment”, others ask for the same thing in order to “keep quiet”.

The New Democracy goes to the polls with an agenda that is against it. Political news is full of some scandals with her participation, and every time when the leadership of the party has a hope that one scandal will be forgotten, the next one immediately appears. In other times, scandals would not have played the role they play today, because citizens had money and a good standard of living.

However, now that social pressure and discontent are rising due to rising prices, citizens, after 12 years of memos and the catastrophic management of the pandemic, are extremely annoyed, even if it is a matter of wasting just a few euros…

Moreover, the case itself may have been formally closed with the resignation and surrender of the seat on behalf of Mr. Guimaras, but the revelations continue, raising even more questions: why the premier’s administration did absolutely nothing at a time when the premier personally knew about the business activity deputy since the summer of 2020, and, of course, why did this case escape the control of the background check of deputies by the competent committee?

It should be noted that they said exactly the same thing about the Patsis case. The directive given by the premier’s administration to ministers and members of parliament is to focus on ration cards, allowances, and other handouts to make people forget their problems. This is also served by fairy tales from a parallel world that in Greece one of the best standard of living in Europe and excellent state of the economyand for reduce drug shortages you just need to raise the price on them.

The New Democracy is urgently looking for topics to change the political agenda. They know that the electorate is “flowing” into the right-wing parties. But what topics can they find? They are not helped by reality, which is inexorable …

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