February 3, 2023

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Greece: the collapse of healthcare against the backdrop of victorious reports of officials

As Health Minister Thanos Pleuris smokes cigarettes in a nightclub and Mina Gaga boasts of a bill that put a tombstone on the nation’s healthcare system, children, parents and medical staff are experiencing an absolute nightmare in the country’s children’s hospitals.

The ministry’s leadership may be well aware of the outbreak of viral diseases and the huge shortage of staff, but it managed to get into the spotlight after suffering a communication fiasco with the anti-smoking law. As it turned out, the minister and his staff defiantly do not pay attention to the complete chaos reigning in children’s hospitals during the holidays. Speaking at Christmas, President ΠΟΕΔΗΝ Michalis Giannakos condemns the situation with the duty of the Aglaya Kiryaku hospital, when a sick child had to wait 8 hours for an examination in the emergency department.

Waiting for examination more than 8 hours

“Children have been waiting for examinations for more than 8 hours. About 700 children were examined. On Christmas morning, there were children who did not have time to undergo examinations and were transferred to the neighboring pediatric hospital of Agia Sophia, which began its duty,” Giannakos said. “On Sunday, December 25 and on Monday, December 26, there was a sharp increase in attendance at Ag. Kiryaku hospital. About 700 children came on Christmas Sunday and another 700 on Christmas Monday. The average waiting time exceeded five hours,” said the president of PAΟΕΔΗΝ. On duty on Monday at Penteli Pediatric Hospital: “A large number of sick children, an unprecedented wait. 400 children came and the wait was over two hours. You can imagine if it was closed. Of the 700 children examined in the pediatric emergency department , mostly with viral infections, about 60 are hospitalized.”

Lack of primary care

As Mr. Giannakos says, “The low number of hospitalizations relative to the number of children seen in emergency departments shows the lack of primary care and the suffering of children in pediatric hospitals waiting to be seen. Primary care is delivered with a long delay. If there were pediatricians, the suffering of children would be much less.It also highlights the shortage of doctors and nurses in pediatric hospitals and the need to strengthen them.If there were more doctors and nurses, more clinics would have emergency rooms for doctors on duty, and the suffering of children would be less, – notes the President of the PAΟΕΔΗΝ. – And, of course, self-defense measures, especially now, during the holidays. There are very few hospitalized children with coronavirus, one of them is very serious in the intensive care unit. In total, less than 10 children with coronavirus are treated in pediatric hospitals But it’s a pity that children’s hospitals are full of viral infections tions”.

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