January 27, 2023

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View of Albanians on the attitude towards them of the population of European countries, including Greece

Try to guess in which European countries Albanian immigrants, in their opinion, are subjected to the most discrimination? And how is it in Greece?

Despite the close proximity and historical ties between Greece and Abania, immigrants from the neighboring country feel more discriminated against by the Greek people. At the same time, in comparison with other countries, the gap is huge.

Came to these conclusions Euronews barometer in Albaniaby conducting a survey. About 66.5% of the inhabitants of Albania, when asked which of the European countries are more discriminatory towards Albanian immigrants, answered that the Greeks (author’s note: it’s strange, why are there so many of them in Greece?). Next on the list, by a significant margin, are: British (13.3%), French (7.3%), Germans (4%), Italians (3.5%), Dutch (1.3%), Nordic countries (1.2%), Austrians (1.1%), Swiss (0.8%), Belgians (0.6%) and Spaniards 0.5%.

In the second list, when asked which nation they consider the most hospitable towards Albanians, Italians lead with 38.7%. This is followed by Germans (33.6%), Greeks (8.4%), British (5.1%), Swiss (1.7%), French (1.4%), Belgians and Spaniards (0.6%). ), Dutch (0.5%) and Nordic countries (0.4%).

Studies show the contrasts of Albanians in how they see the Greeks. Paradox: 66.5% of Albanians believe that the Greeks are the people who discriminate against them the most, but 45.4% say they have much in common with the Greek nation.

And at the same time, they are clearly in favor of their country’s entry into the European Union – 95.9% support the country’s entry into EU, and only 0.5% against. For 95.7% of Albanians, EU membership is very important, and for only 0.4% it is not important at all.

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