February 3, 2023

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Faruk Kaymakchi: "There can be no European security without Turkey"

Turkish Deputy Foreign Minister and Director of European Affairs Faruk Kaymakci said that the war started by Russia could have been prevented, and without Turkey there can be no European security.

According to the politician, yesterday it became clear once again. Edition CNN Greece quotes:

“If Turkey were a member EU or if Turkey were properly included in the EU security and defense mechanisms, or if its participation in the EU security and defense mechanisms was not hindered by the position of the Greek Cypriot administration of Southern Cyprus or Greece, this would mean joint action by NATO and the EU, and possibly , this war started by Russia could have been prevented. Because the containment of the West largely depends on the joint actions of the EU and NATO, and such containment has not been achieved. The country that could have contributed the most to this containment was Turkey. This has been demonstrated once again.”

To clash with Europe and Greece/Cyprus on the energy issue, Kaymakchi emphasized:

“Due to the energy crisis and rising energy prices, the EU has begun to show more interest in the Southern Gas Corridor. Recent visits to the EU have increased interest in the gas and oil of Central Asia and the South Caucasus. Currently, work has begun to increase the capacity of the Trans-Anatolian gas pipeline of the Southern Gas Corridor, passing through Turkey, to 32 billion cubic meters and to add 16 billion additional natural gas, especially in the Central Asian region. We believe that not only Central Asia, but also the resources of the Eastern Mediterranean can be connected to the Southern Gas Corridor in a very short period of time.”

He added: “If the EU can get rid of some bills and make rational decisions… No one benefits from E/C DNA and Greece hindering our energy cooperation in the context of tensions in the eastern Mediterranean. Increasing the capacity of the Southern Gas Corridor using the hydrocarbon resources of the Eastern Mediterranean is one of the shortest, most cost-effective and efficient ways.”

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