February 5, 2023

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The secrets of getting rid of a hangover – not a single pickle …

The next morning, after copious festive libations, many have a headache and are tormented by severe symptoms of a hangover. Alcohol lovers are familiar with the magical effect of brine, but there are much more effective and beneficial ways to recover from a feast.

How does brine help?

The proven old-fashioned method normalizes the work of the heart and the water-salt balance in the body, due to the high content of potassium salts. In this case, you can use any pickle – cucumber, cabbage. Dill essential oils soothe an inflamed stomach, reduce swelling, and remove toxins. It is even better to add three teaspoons of olive oil to the brine to form a film – such a drink will relieve inflammation, invigorate and restore strength. After a glass of brine, it is good to drink herbal or green tea throughout the day.

Effervescent Vitamin C

Vitamin C tablets are not recommended for those who have a history of gastritis, allergies, ulcers and other diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. If there are no such problems, a powerful antioxidant will perfectly cope with a hangover: it will eliminate inflammation, speed up metabolism, and normalize blood circulation.

If there is no soluble vitamin C, use any citrus fruits – tangerines, oranges, lemons. They contain a lot of ascorbic and citric acids, which contribute to the rapid breakdown of alcohol and other toxic substances.

A simple anti-hangover cocktail is effective. For one serving you will need 200 ml of orange juice, 40 g of honey, 1 lemon (with peel) and a blender. Grind and mix everything, add 2-3 ice cubes.

Sour milk drinks

For recovery after alcoholic libations any sour-milk drinks are suitable, but not more than 500-600 ml. They help the body to remove the decay products of ethyl alcohol, saturate them with B vitamins. You need to drink them on an empty stomach. You can prepare a simple anti-hangover drink: for one serving you will need 150 ml of kefir, 50 g of cucumber, which must be grated on a fine grater, a little fresh or dried dill. Pour 3 teaspoons of sugar into the bottom of the glass, add kefir, cucumber and dill, a little salt and pepper (red and black) and, to taste, other spices, and then mix well and drink.

raw eggs

A raw egg helps not only to recover from a severe hangover, but also to prevent it. If you drink one or two before a feast, the eggs will protect the gastric mucosa and will prevent the absorption of alcohol. Chicken yolks contain cysteine, an amino acid that acts as a sorbent. You can just drink raw eggs (a couple is enough) or make a “healing cocktail: mix half a glass of tomato juice and light beer, add raw egg yolk and drink without prior stirring.

And also bounce back helps a cool shower, fresh air in the apartment and more fluids – ordinary clean water. Light physical activity and a short walk will do the trick.

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