February 2, 2023

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At Christmas and the homeless in Athens became beautiful

The municipality of Athens took care of the appearance of the homeless on the streets of the Greek capital and, as a social solidarity, offered them the “right to dignity” – a haircut and a shave.

Our homeless fellow citizens were made beautiful by volunteer hairdressers from the social hairdressing salon of the municipality of Athens. Volunteers took to the streets of the capital together with the working groups of the Municipal Reception and Solidarity Center (ΚΥΑΔΑ). Volunteers turned to people living on the street with a proposal, including the necessary assistance.

With mobile equipment and razors, a group of volunteers from the municipality writes newsbeast.gr, walked the streets of the center, to Monastiraki and Petralona, ​​offering haircuts, shaves and hot tea. Athens Mayor Kostas Bakoyannis said:

“Social solidarity is a collective responsibility. Volunteers who offer basic reintegration services, such as the social hairdresser of the Municipality of Athens, help, pioneer and inspire. Above all, they offer people on the street the right to dignity. This, moreover, is the core of all social donations to the residents of our city.”

Melina Daskalaki, president of ΚΥΑΔΑ, called the action a symbolic gesture of love:

“The Christmas activities of the social hairdresser and street working groups are not only a symbolic gesture of love for the citizens we support. This is a practical event that enhances visibility and aims to expand their psychological capabilities. It is the “bridge” of our communication with people through actions. At the same time, it is also a personal message to all who enjoy the touch of a hairdresser, that they have the right to take care of themselves, achieve better conditions and look forward to the new year with optimism.”

The social hairdressing salon operates at the Citizens’ Mutual Assistance Center and receives clients every Monday and Wednesday. Volunteer hairdressers wishing to contribute to this project can register their own volunteer day at link.

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