February 2, 2023

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Eva Kylie remains in prison – court decision

The decision to extend the detention of Eva Kaili by one month was made on Thursday, after the hearing of the case of the Greek MEP by the Belgian federal court.

Thus, he confirmed the calculations of Kylie’s lawyers that their client’s request to be released from prison with a “bracelet” before trial would be rejected.

The court decision states:

“As part of a wide-ranging investigation by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office and the Federal Police into alleged criminal organizations, corruption and money laundering, one person appeared in the pre-trial chambers of the Court of First Instance in Brussels this afternoon. By its decision this morning, the pre-trial chamber extended the period of pre-trial detention for E. K. (Ed., Eva Kylie) for one month.If she appeals this decision within 24 hours, she will be brought before the Prosecution Division of the Brussels Court of Appeal within 15 days.In the interest of the investigation, no further information will be provided at this stage.Press will be kept informed of the latest developments in this case through press releases.”

The extension of the detention of Eva Kylie is reported by all major international media. Former Vice President of the European Parliament Eva Kaili, who has been in custody since December 9 as part of the Cathargate investigation, will have to remain in prison for at least a month. This became known from the office of the federal prosecutor, according to ANSA.

“Eva Kaili, the former Vice President of the European Parliament from Greece, remains in detention as part of an investigation into corruption in the European Parliament. The authorities in Brussels have extended her detention by a month,” the federal prosecutor’s office said on Thursday evening. Kylie’s lawyers argued to the authorities that she should serve a pre-trial detention under electronic surveillance, but they did not agree with this.”

This development is a humiliation for Greece, which has become the only country to have two MEPs arrested in the current session of the European Parliament, albeit for completely different reasons: Yiannis Lagos, for political reasons in the famous Golden Dawn party court case, whose arrest was demanded by the Greek government, and now and Kylie for corruption!

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