January 27, 2023

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Dubious New Year’s Traditions

Decorating the house and the Christmas tree is a pleasant tradition that brings positive. But some customs should have been abandoned long ago – they bring us nothing but harm, and sometimes grief.

Do not agree? Let’s review them together from Uznayvse.ru. At least five of them can be safely forgotten.

Meeting the New Year determines the fate of all 365 days

The familiar expression “How you celebrate the New Year, so you will spend it” is absurd. A quarrel on New Year’s Eve (this happens, especially after heavy drinking) is not at all an indicator that the coming year will turn out to be the same conflict. You should not spoil your mood and create a scenario of artificial fun at any cost. Alas, even a well-spent night does not guarantee that there are 12 months of cloudless happiness ahead. The course of events in your life is determined not by signs, but by yourself. Therefore, even meeting the holiday in “proud solitude” or at work does not mean that the year will be unsuccessful. Feel free to celebrate the New Year the way you want.

Abundant feast

Before the New Year, poor housewives “knock down”: first shops, then cooking snacks, salads, meat, desserts … And all this in such quantities that they won’t go to the stove for several days. And is it reasonable? The answer will be given by a sick stomach that could not withstand such loads. Don’t cook a week ahead. As a rule, there are only 2-3 days off, and on the second of January, shops open their doors again and you can buy fresh products, or use the delivery of freshly prepared dishes.

To celebrate the New Year, it is worth considering the number of guests and preparing the right amount of food – a hot dish and a few light snacks. And do not abundantly “fertilize” each salad with mayonnaise – this is not only difficult, but also harmful to the body. As well as overeating, by the way.

New Year’s fireworks

Fireworks are a beautiful holiday tradition. But let’s think about how many pros and cons it has. Yes, it’s beautiful, yes, it’s fun. And you can also compete in the “coolness” of holiday shells. But is everyone having fun? Toddlers in neighboring houses wake up in horror from a roar and cannot cope with fear. Elderly people shudder and clutch at their hearts.

Yes, and absolutely healthy people, whose psyche is all right, involuntarily shudder from the roar under the windows. And the owners of pets vainly call for animals that have broken off the leash and run away “to nowhere”. And this is not to mention the fact that every year there are accidents from launching firecrackers not only with careless adults, but also with children.

Every fifth Russian in a survey called fireworks the most annoying element of the New Year. Recently, the practice of buying one salute for the whole house has become popular – and cheaper, and everyone will look, and the nerves will be safer. Even so…

“Blue Light” and Ryazanov’s favorite films

Does it make sense to traditionally watch TV on New Year’s Eve? Unless in order not to miss the chiming clock, which, however, can also be included on YouTube. Instead of watching TV shows, it is better to chat with guests – this will bring much more positive emotions.

Seeing off and meeting…

Infusion of liters of alcohol, first for the farewell to the old year, then for the meeting of the new one – don’t you think that the tradition, to put it mildly, is disgusting? Dispassionate statistics says: the average excess mortality in Russia only on January 1 of each year is at least 2,200 people. In general, for the holidays – about 9000. The main causes of these deaths are alcohol poisoning, fights, exorbitant loads from excessive drinking on the heart and liver.

New Year’s traditions, first of all, should bring pleasure. If you adhere to customs only out of solidarity with the majority, feel free to abandon them and celebrate the New Year in accordance with your personal desires – alone or with numerous guests, with music and dancing or in cozy silence, in a restaurant or at home. After all, the meaning of New Year’s Eve is to receive positive emotions.

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