June 14, 2024

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Driver’s license sellers arrested

The criminal group was selling a driver’s license at a set rate of 2,000 euros. As it turned out, employees of the Transport Administration took part in the “multi-passage”.

The Attica Security Directorate’s Organized Crime and Human Trafficking Authority dismantled a network that “sold” driver’s licenses to “woe students” who, under normal circumstances, would not have passed their exams. A total of 13 people were arrested, 58 more are charged. The organization included the owners of driving schools and employees of the Department of Transport and Communications.

To achieve their goal, they have developed a specific plan of action so that candidates can pass the exams, making the most of the opportunities offered by modern technological equipment such as headphones, micro cameras and data transmission devices over the Internet (Wi-Fi modem). According to the data ΕΛΑΣmembers of the organization did not hesitate to use intimidation tactics against specific officials of the service who administered the examinations.

In total, since March 2022, members of the organization have managed to illegally issue 340 driver’s licenses and certificates of professional competence. The attackers, according to preliminary estimates, made a profit of 680,000 euros. Against them, as well as against another 58 people, a criminal case was initiated on the facts of creating a criminal organization, carrying out illegal activities, issuing false certificates, bribery and bribery of government employees, violation of their official duties, money laundering, possession of genuine and fake documents of third parties , and violations of gun laws.

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