February 29, 2024

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Christmas 2022: Christmas markets open

The green light was given by the Greek Ministry of Environment and Energy to Christmas tree growers, thus opening the selling season.

Taxiarchis nursery workers (Chalkidiki) have already rolled up their sleeves and, according to Yiannis Khanakis, the head of the production association, “took care of the last details so that this year everything goes smoothly and the” green beauties “adequately fulfill their role, bringing joy and happiness to people’s homes “.

Flurry of pre-orders for Christmas trees

This year, spruce growers from a traditional mountain village located in the very “heart” of Holomonets have received permission to sell 35,000 spruces in the Greek and foreign markets, and if they finally manage to sell them all, then “there will be a new sales record, because last year we outperformed all previous sales by selling 30,000-32,000 trees,” explains Mr Hanakis.

According to him, this year will be “extremely positive”, because since last week the phone has simply been red-hot with incoming calls, orders for the supply of firs. Some “green beauties” will need to travel tens of kilometers to bring Christmas into everyone’s homes, while others will need many hours to achieve the same goal. “This year, we are again receiving calls from Greek islands such as Syros to send them fir trees,” Mr. Hanakis emphasizes with satisfaction, adding that, like last year, fir trees from Taxiarchis will also decorate many houses in Albania, Cyprus and other countries that have been regular customers for several years now. Last year, growers shipped over 300 trees to Albania and over 2,000 trees to Cyprus.

What will happen to tree prices?

As for the prices of spruces, the president of the Taxiarchis community repeats that if there is the growth in tree prices, which remains stable for more than ten years, then it will not exceed 5% -10%, and this is mainly due to increased transport costs and energy.

Recall that last year in Thessaloniki the price of a Christmas tree fluctuated between 30-100 euros, and in Athens – within 40-150 euros.

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