Polytechnic Anniversary: ​​More than 20,000 people came to the US Embassy

The march to the American embassy, ​​which completed the events for the 49th anniversary of the Polytechnical uprising, ended by 20.00 and did without any problems.

At 18.45 the head of the column approached the US embassy. Estimated EL.ASabout 20,000 demonstrators took part in the march.

According to the information, a slight tension arose shortly after 16.45 in Klafmonos Square. Shortly before 5:30 pm, a group of anarchists attacked the policemen, throwing bottles of Molotov Cocktails at them. “Unknowns” set fire to a trash can on V. Sofias Avenue, a few meters from the American embassy.

The demonstration was attended by SYRIZA President Alexis Tsipras, who said: “Those who undermine democracy are making a huge mistake, and they will soon find out through the vote of the Greek people.”

The Party Secretary General Dimitris Koutsoubas was present in the KKE bloc, as well as his predecessor Alekka Papariga. MeRA25, led by Mr. Varoufakis, also had its own column.

After 19.00 the Syntagma metro station opened, at 19.30 the Evangelismos station, and at 20.00 the Megaro Msousikis station. According to STASY, tram routes run along route 6 “Syntagma – Pirodafni” with the final station “Syntagma” in the usual mode.

Riots in Thessaloniki and Patras

If everything went off relatively calmly in Athens, then in Thessaloniki and Patras there were more noticeable riots. It is reported that a group of masked men attacked plainclothes police officers who were on duty in the city center on Agios Dimitriou Street.

A hotbed of tension was also observed in the center of Patras after the end of the demonstration.

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