February 21, 2024

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Solar water heater: €1,000 subsidy for replacement

Households are already gearing up for winter by cutting back on (or replacing) energy-intensive appliances.

In fact, in a few months, the inhabitants of Greece will be able to install a solar water heater with a subsidy from the state, as already announced. However, before making a decision, against the backdrop of an unprecedented wave of inflation, before making a large purchase and replacing an electric water heater, you should calculate how much such a choice will save in the end.

Estimated Ministry of Energy, if you start replacing, the savings will be 20%, but other estimates indicate even more significant savings, which are achieved from the first day of installation. It was also calculated that a family of four can pay for installing a solar water heater in about four years.

Solar water heater subsidy recipients

Nearly 3.5 million homes in the country have electric water heaters and are potential replacement beneficiaries. The subsidy will reach discounts of up to 50%, from 800 to 1000 euros. The program will take place under the program “Replacement of household appliances” (“Αλλάζω συσκευή”), applying through gov.gr.

The beneficiaries of Device Change were divided into four categories of income:

1st: annual income per family member less than 5000 euros (will receive 50% of the cost of the device).
2nd: annual income from 5,000 to 10,000 euros (45% of the cost will be received).
3rd: annual income from 10,000 to 20,000 euros (will receive a 35% coupon).
4th: annual income of more than 20,000 euros (30% will receive).

The person concerned also must be a resident of Greece, file a tax return for 2021.

How efficient is a water heater

Estimated, the average electric water heater burns about 4 kilowatt-hours per hour, which means that if you turn on the water heater for half an hour a day, based on today’s market price, you can pay up to 1.5 euros per day. This amount reaches 45 euros per month to take a shower or wash the dishes, not counting the additional cost of water.

Three ways to save money on your water heater

However, until you replace your water heater, there are other ways you can save money:

  • Do not leave the water heater switched on for a long time, but only for the time necessary to heat the water.
  • Set its thermostat to 40-50 degrees Celsius in summer.
  • Turn it on during the opening hours of the nightly electricity tariff.

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