December 11, 2023

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Expert Opinion: Subsidy for installing photovoltaic panels at home

Interest in installing photovoltaic arrays has shown a large number of residents of Greece.

The consultant of the Association of Photovoltaic Companies (SEF) Mr. Stelios Psomas spoke about the subsidy from 40% to 60% and about who it will apply to.
Thousands of city dwellers are looking for ways to keep warm in the winter due to rising energy costs, and rooftop solar panels seem like a long-term option.

According to the consultant, purchase of a home photovoltaic installation to cover one’s own needs three kilowatts can, based on today’s data, pay off in nine years. While if it is subsidized, for example, by 50%, the term is limited to 4.7 years. Accordingly, for a commercial consumer investment in a 10 kW system can currently be paid back in 6.6 years, with a 50% subsidy the payback period is limited to 3.5 years.

Interest in the installation of photovoltaics is high, and there will be a subsidy of 40% to 60%.

Process: step by step

  • The interested person contacts the company.
  • Places an electronic file declaration of participation in the subsidy program) in ΔΕΔΔΗΕ.
  • Approximately two weeks later (after processing the applicant’s data), a contract is issued for signing.
  • The last step is to contact the provider to conclude a contract (σύμβαση συμψηφισμού).

AT apartment buildings require the consent of the other owners.

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