March 31, 2023

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Professor of Albanian History: "12 gods of Olympus were Albanians"

An Albanian posing as … a historian, known for his anti-Hellenic sentiments and collaboration with the Albanian police in the persecution of the Greeks of Northern Epirus living in their ancestral homes, published in English the book “Arvanites: the founders of modern Greece (Myths of Greek histiography).

This is Arben Llalla, who lives permanently in Tetovo in North Macedonia and belongs to the category of Albanian historians who could well make a career writing science fiction, reports Greek City Times.

This book was printed in only 500 copies in English and was funded by the Ministry of Culture of North Macedonia, a country that basically has a doctorate in falsifying history.

In the book, in a propagandistic spirit, it is shown that the creation of the Greek state became possible thanks to the Arvanites, whom he defines as Albanians. The nationalist position of the author goes to extremes and allows the reader to question much of what is written as arbitrariness.

In particular, he notes that all twelve gods of Olympus were … Albanians, trying to show that the roots of the Albanians go back to prehistoric times in Greece.

He is of the opinion that the Albanian roots in Greece date back to an earlier period, that is, to antiquity. Studying the ancient language of Homer’s works, the Iliad and the Odyssey, one can come across purely Albanian words, the author claims. For example, the names of the gods of Olympus are explained only in Albanian… According to some “scientists”, this theory is based on the fact that the meaning of many names of the ancient gods can only be explained in Albanian…

The names of Zeus, Nemesis and Rhea come from the words “zë”, “nëmë” and “re” (voice, mother, cloud), which makes one think that Albanians have always been in Ancient Greece.

Remarkably, he even claims that 60% of Greeks are Albanians, but of course he does not provide any genetic studies that would quickly debunk his claims. In fact, genetic studies have shown that modern Greeks have a direct connection with the Minoan and Mycenaean civilizations of the Bronze Age.

We have a few more topics that we can suggest to the author for his future books, for example:

  • The Albanians dug out the Adriatic Sea.
  • Biden is Albanian.
  • Jesus was born in Tirana.

One gets the feeling that Arben Llalla has read the works of the Ukrainian “professor” Valery Bebik. After all, his statement that the Ukrainians dug out the Black Sea and the Greek gods were Ukrainians is, in general, that pseudo-historical nonsense. And the authorities of Ukraine also rush about with such pseudo-scientists, giving them awards and paying for their activities.

Doctor of Political Sciences Professor Bebik promotes the theories that Ukrainian civilization formed European civilization in 6-8 thousand BC, as well as that Jesus Christ was a priest of the temple of the god Ptah under King Menes. He also claimed that almost all ancient Greek gods come from the Ukrainian Black Sea region, and are of Trypillian and Scythian origin.

In an interview with the Aratta portal in 2014, he stated that “Ukrainians are the first who came into contact with God, created writing and the beginnings of modern human civilization.” About his theory that Ukrainians dug the Black Seaonly the deaf could not hear.

From fresh pearls: Biden is Ukrainian! And don’t argue!

Bebik was a member of the Public Humanitarian Council under former President Viktor Yanukovych, from 2015 to 2017 he headed the Public Council under the Ministry of Information Policy.

In 2012, the journal Archeology, in an open letter to the media, stated that the scientific community considers Bebik’s theories to be profanity and pseudoscience. “Bebik’s fantastic stories are, in fact, a profanation of science, they discredit … the whole country,” the report says.

In 2014, the Union of Archaeologists of Ukraine, in connection with the next nomination of Bebik for the Shevchenko Prize, called on members of the parliamentary committee on culture, the State Committee for Television and Radio Broadcasting and the public not to broadcast his pseudoscientific theories. The appeal was signed by 66 Ukrainian archaeologists, including four members of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. However, where are these people now, and Bebik, like Llalla, is “on horseback”.

What is the reason for the emergence of such pseudoscientists, and why do countries like Albania and Ukraine promote such nonsense? The reason probably lies in the fact that the authorities of these countries are trying to reject their own real history, which, from their point of view, is not patriotic enough to raise the people to exploits in the name of … American democracy.

Ukraine is the Troy of modernity

Therefore, the real story is falsified, and instead of it, catchy fakes are created that are fed to the population. They write books, create films and TV shows. Ask the average resident of the US or Europe, who won the second world war? Most of them, brought up on Hollywood products, will answer – the USA. And some will also add that they fought with Nazi Russia …

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