May 30, 2023

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Greek minister reveals how to safely fake gasoline

If you thought the government of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has sunk to the bottom and there is nowhere to fall, Greek Minister of Development and Investment Adonis Georgiadis appears on the air and knocks from below.

The Minister of Development once again showed his … talent and published detailed instructions for those who want to fake gasoline and save money.

“Fuel counterfeiting is now carried out in a very complex technical way. For our technical checks to be able to detect it, it must be more than 50% adulterated. So if you cheat the 40%, they won’t catch it. It is very difficult. Forgery technologies are developing faster than state technologies,” – he said with a smile at the always friendly platform of the SKAI TV channel!

So… Anyone who wants can now falsify fuel up to 50% and will be “on horseback”, since he will not be caught by any control… This is one of the few things that the ministry of Mr. Georgiadis does.

It should be remembered that this not the first time lately, when we see on Greek television ways to steal gasoline.

A few weeks ago, ERT made a report in which he showed two simple ways theft of gasoline from car tanks.

No, we certainly understand that those who counterfeit gasoline or steal it from tanks already know how to do it. But after all, both the minister and the TV channel must have some kind of ethical principles and restrictions, otherwise we risk being in a situation where society turns into a complete mess.

It is possible that this is done on purpose.

5 years ago, we published material, The Ideological Weapon of Globalism: The Overton Window, where they told how it is possible to change the attitude of society towards things that were previously considered absolutely unacceptable. The technology is called the Overton Window.

According to the Overton Window, for every idea or problem in society there is a so-called window of opportunity. Within this window, the idea may or may not be widely discussed, openly supported, promoted, or attempted to be legislated. The window is moved, thereby changing the fan of possibilities, from the “unthinkable” stage, that is, completely alien to public morality, completely rejected to the “actual politics” stage, that is, already widely discussed, accepted by the mass consciousness and enshrined in laws.

This is not brainwashing per se, but more subtle technologies. What makes them effective is their consistent, systematic application and invisibility to the victim society of the very fact of impact. Below, I will use an example to analyze how, step by step, society begins to first discuss something unacceptable, then consider it appropriate, and in the end come to terms with a new law that consolidates and protects the once unthinkable.

Don’t you think that in this case, this is a typical example of the “Overton window”? The media and the government lower the level of society lower and lower, the previously unthinkable becomes commonplace.

It is worth noting that the “Window of Opportunity” described by Overton is the easiest to move forward. in the so-called. tolerant society. In a society that has no ideals, and, as a result, there is no clear division between good and evil. Do you want to talk about your mother being a whore? Do you want to print a report about it in a magazine? Sing a song? To prove in the end that being a whore is normal and even necessary?

This is the technique described above. It relies on permissiveness. No taboo. Nothing is sacred. There are no sacred concepts, the very discussion of which is forbidden, and their dirty discussion is stopped immediately. All this is not. What is there? There is the so-called freedom of speech, turned into the freedom of dehumanization. Before our eyes, one by one, the frames that protected society from the abyss of self-destruction are being removed. Now the road is open.

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