And again Patras, and again the refusal of doctors to accept the patient

A doctor at the University Hospital of Patras endangered the life of a minor patient with fever and “acute abdomen” by refusing to examine her and sending her to another hospital.

Later it turned out that the girl had appendicitis and a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst. Another day of delay, doctors say, could be fatal for her. Fortunately, she was operated on at a private hospital in Athens. Edition “Peloponnisos” tells about the vicissitudes of a patient in pain.

In refusing to examine the girl, the surgeon on duty cited the lack of necessary tests, according to a nurse who accompanied the mother and daughter to Patras University Hospital. In the end, the patient, in acute pain, left the Ρίου and went to the Athens hospital, where she was operated on. The doctors said that if they had delayed, the development of events could have been fatal.

The publication says that a minor applied to ΠΓΝΠ on Monday at 19:30 – with acute pain in the abdomen, a temperature of 38.1 ° C and presenting a negative test for coronavirus. The mother and daughter were accompanied by a nurse who she said was “too knowledgeable about how the system works.” Three times the girl was referred to a surgeon, and three times (!) he refused to accept her due to the lack of ultrasound and tests.

According to the website, the reaction of the 6th YPE and the head of the Patras University Hospital was immediate. The administration is investigating the complaint “so that this doesn’t happen again.”

Does all this mean that now for effective treatment, and even a simple examination of a doctor, we all need to contact the head physician of the hospital or, what is there, directly to the ministry? It seems to be becoming a tradition to refer patients to other hospitals regardless of complaints or symptoms.

But less than a month ago, our publication talked about how a 49-year-old man died of a heart attack in Patras under the walls of the hospital. With signs of a heart attack, he went to the city hospital “Άγιος Ανδρέας”. However, there … there was no doctor on duty, since the hospital was not on duty that day, and the man was sent to another medical institution – the university hospital Πανεπιστημιακό Γενικό Νοσοκομείο Πατρών.

However, the man was not destined to get to her – when he went out into the street, he died. Relatives of the deceased claim that he told doctors about acute pain, indicating a heart attack, but doctors ignored calls for help. Ilias Theodoropoulos, head of the Άγιος Ανδρέας hospital, spoke at the time of the unfortunate incident, which will be fully investigated. Clarifying that any citizen who goes to the hospital in critical condition receives proper treatment and medical care, regardless of whether the hospital is on duty or not. Oops… As the saying goes, “a legend is fresh, but it’s hard to believe.” In the meantime, a completely different picture is observed throughout the country …

Reference. Hemorrhagic ovarian cyst – a hollow formation in the form of a capsule, located on the surface of the ovary and filled with bloody fluid or blood clots. Its development is the result of a hemorrhage that has arisen in a functional cyst. The trigger mechanism for such a complication can be physical activity or injury, often occurs without obvious reasons. Timely diagnosis and treatment of a hemorrhagic ovarian cyst can prevent further complications associated with torsion of its leg or rupture, hemorrhage in the ovary and abdominal cavity.

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