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How electricity providers are preparing to scam Greek consumers

Residents of Greece, after their return from vacation, are waiting for new financial shocks, and it looks like they will have to shell out their entire salary in order not to be left without electricity, because to pay 1 euro per kWh few are capable.

As we reported earlier, the Greek government promised protect the people of the country from a sharp increase in electricity prices. To do this, the maximum limit of payment for fixed monthly electricity bills, Minister of the Environment and Energy Kostas Skrekas said in Parliament on Thursday 28 July. “Thus, we are reducing tariffs from 20 to 15 – some others had higher fixed payments in proportion to consumption, which is wrong, and therefore, by setting the ceiling, we check them,” the minister emphasized.

However, electricity providers have found other ways to overcharge consumers again, bypassing government plans. The energy companies, as expected, began to adjust assets in order to reduce unit costs, but at the same time sharply increased prices per kilowatt-hour.

The announcement of the new prices late on Sunday essentially canceled the tool the government had touted, which was the supposed ability for consumers to switch suppliers on a monthly basis without penalty after comparing all rates and choosing the most suitable one.

Recall that it was originally announced that on July 10, providers will share price lists for the next month, after which consumers will be able to choose a provider. But after successive expansions, this imaginary advantage was nullified in a completely mocking way.

New electricity prices:

August prices range from 0.476 to 1 euro per kilowatt-hour, although the government’s statement spoke of a return to last summer’s levels, when the price fluctuated around 0.11 euros per kilowatt-hour. Now, from the prices of each supplier, an amount equal to 0.37700 EUR/kWhwhich is a state subsidy for August.

Detailed invoices are as follows:

  • ΔΕΗ: for consumption up to 2000 kWh, the new settlement price is 0.486 EUR/kWh. From 2000 kilowatt-hours and above, it is set at 0.498 euros / kWh, and for the night tariff – 0.445 euros / kWh. Fixed 3.5 euros per month.
  • Protergia: daily electricity fee 0.54913 EUR/kWh and nightly fee 0.54555 EUR/kWh. Monthly fixed 5 euros.
  • Ήρων: for day and night consumption, regardless of its quantity, 0.575 euro/kWh. Fixed 3 euros per month.
  • Elpedison: bills from 0.9395 to 1.0024 euros per kilowatt hour, with Elpedison loyalty cards returned next month. The fixed fee varies from €1.5 per quarter to €5 per month.
  • NRG: energy price 0.499 – 0.569 euros/kWh depending on the plan and fixed from 1.8 euros to 5 euros per month depending on the activation or absence of electronic bill payment (electronic bill) and standing payment.
  • Φυσικό Αέριο – Ελληνική Εταιρεία Ενέργειας: price with permanent discount 0.563-0.576 EUR/kWh, without permanent discount 0.583-0.591 EUR/kWh. Fixed 5 euros.
  • Volterra: Electricity fee 0.6700 EUR/kWh and flat fee 4.5 EUR per month.
  • WATT+VOLT: 0.62 EUR/kWh for the zero+ program for all customer categories.
  • ZeniΘ: electricity fee 0.55500 EUR/kWh. Fixed 4.5 euros.

In addition to this ΔΕΗ without prior announcement carried out a new price increase. In particular, now the price of a kilowatt-hour on myHomeOnline is rising from EUR 0.229 to EUR 0.539increasing by 135%and the price for those customers who have a nightly rate increases from 0.176 EUR/kWh to 0.480 EUR/kWh, those. jump 172%.

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