Komotini: 200 people poisoned at the festival

More than 200 people, many of them children, were poisoned on Sunday evening in the town of Arriana Rodopis.

Initially, Salmonella patients were taken to the Sapon Health Center, and then, due to the large number of all incoming patients, they began to be redirected to Komotini, Alexandroupolis and Xanthi hospitals.

The clinics went on “alert”, calling in the additional number of doctors needed to help people. Patients had diarrhea and vomiting. Doctors prescribed appropriate treatment and antidotes to the patients.

Mass poisoning (infection with salmonellosis) occurred during a crowded celebration, a dinner on the occasion of a group sunnet * (circumcision) of 101 Muslim children, on which chicken meat was served.


Sunnet is called the circumcision of the foreskin among Muslims. Every boy in a Turkish family has to go through this procedure. Circumcision is usually held in junior age (4 or 5 years), but there are cases when it is done a little later.

The named father of the child takes part in the circumcision procedure – kirva, which they begin to look for from the moment the baby is born. Usually this role goes to the closest family friend or relative. It is believed that the child can now turn to him for any advice and for any reason. And the kirva is obliged to support him in everything and help him in every possible way. During procedures kirva holds the boy on her lap and encourages him in every possible way. Sunnet is performed by a surgeon or a specially trained person. The named father and his wife buy new clothes or a beautiful suit for the boy especially for this holiday. The mother of a child who is circumcised begins to prepare in advance for this holiday. Long before that, she embroiders the bed linen with a beautiful pattern, on which the child is placed after the ceremony.

An important point in the Sunnet is the reading of the Koran and the coverage of the procedure by the mullah. According to tradition, after the circumcision procedure, a magnificent ceremony is arranged. holidayin which all those invited to this event take part. The festival is accompanied by music performed by invited musicians. All kinds of gifts are brought to the child. Depending on the financial situation of the donor and on the degree of kinship with the boy’s family, gifts have different values. But they are usually quite expensive. Often in such cases, gold items and handmade carpets are given. The parents of the child treat all those present and the musicians.

In case the sunnah was not made in childhood, it must be done later, otherwise the man will not be able to marry a Muslim woman.

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