Medea Patrska: prosecutors bring additional charges in the murder of two daughters

On Monday, prosecutors indicted Rule Pispirig for the murder of her two youngest daughters, 3.5-year-old Malena and 6-month-old Iris. The authorities indicate the mode of the operand.

Malena, Iris and firstborn Georgina 9 years old died within two and a half years under mysterious circumstances. Two daughters died at the family home in Patras, one immediately after being hospitalized and the third in the hospital.

Rula’s mother Pispirigou, whom the angry citizens Patras is called “Medea”is now charged with three murders after investigators completed their investigation into the deaths and the results point to the mother.

The 33-year-old mother was arrested in March after the drug ketamine was found in tissue samples from Georgina, who died in January after a long hospital stay. Malena died of liver failure in 2019 and Iris died in 2021 of a suspected heart defect.

The additional charges are based on the findings of a new forensic report by two coroners. The findings indicated that both Malena and Iris died of asphyxiation.

Aggravating to Pispirigo’s new allegations was the fact that she allegedly did this on other occasions, as in the case of her first child, 9-year-old Georgina, which points to a modus operandi.

It is reported that the criminal prosecution speaks of the “premeditated murder in a calm state” of her two other children, Malena and Iris.

Death of Malena

3-year-old Malena passed away on April 13, 2019. She was 3 years and 8 months old when she was admitted to a children’s hospital with symptoms of a rare disease. According to doctors, the disease was completely curable, and soon the child returned home safe and sound. According to Rula Pispirigu, on the morning of Saturday, April 13, the child was in good condition. In fact, the photo of her eating a barbecue in her hospital room is characteristic.

A few hours later, when the father, sitting at the bedside of his daughter, went home, everything changed. As Rula stated: “That day my husband left and I stayed by her side, we fell asleep. An hour later, the nurse woke me and the baby, who came to give medicine for the stomach. Ten minutes later, at 4:40 p.m., the child trembled, wheezed, and was left with half-open eyes. I spoke to her, shouted “Malena, Malena!”, And then ran to call the nurses.”

The child has died. However, the mother’s testimony is not supported by official documents recorded by the doctors at the time of Malena’s death, as they claim that the mother called them for help at 17:15, i.e. after 35 minutes. There are other elements that are being explored and are important. The medical examiner who examined her later attributed her death to liver failure. It is noted that in the conclusion of the forensic medical examination drawn up in relation to Malena, which was signed by the medical examiner Kristina Tsakona, it is specified that small abrasions were found on the girl’s nose.

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Death of Iris

The youngest child of Rula Pispirigou and Manos Daskalakis, 6-month-old Iris, died in her sleep at the family home in March 2021. She was in the same room with Georgina.

The little girl, according to the conclusion of the forensic medical examination, died of “sinus node agenesis”, i.e. degeneration of heart cells, which led to the cessation of the organ.

On that fateful night, Sister Dimitra slept at home with the mother of the family, Rula Pispirigo. As the children’s aunt said in an interview, “At about 7.30 in the morning, the baby woke up, the mother got up and gave her a pacifier. Then at 11 they went to wake her up, and the aunt saw that she did not wake up.

First they warned Manos Daskalakis to hurry up, then they attempted CPR (to “start the heart”), but then they still called an ambulance.

The aunt of three apparently paid special attention to the fact that the child passed out at 11 o’clock, while, according to media reports, the mother said that “the child was found unconscious at 11.30”. According to a local newspaper, the main issue in connection with Iris’s death was when she was found unconscious and when the call was made to EKAV. An ambulance arrived and took the child’s body to the Karamananeyo hospital, where doctors pronounced her dead.

There was a lot of talk about the bloody handkerchief that was found next to the unfortunate little girl. The item was handed over by the Patras forensic services two days after the child’s death, as the parents allegedly did not find it from the first moment. Also, 2.5 months after Iris’s death, her mother asked the authorities to return the headscarf, but she was refused.

Toxicological studies of Malena and Iris were “clean”, but they were not carried out in a wide range. And now law enforcement had to get down to business from the very beginning, the publication reports.

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Death of Georgina

The third child of the Daskalaki family, 9-year-old Georgina, passed away on January 29, 2022. She was admitted to the Caramandeio Hospital in Patras with heart failure of unknown cause. This was followed by the implantation of a defibrillator and a pacemaker at the Onassis Center.

In early summer, she was admitted to the University Hospital in Rio with “encephalopathy of unknown etiology.” A series of hospital visits followed, and in 2022, a 9-year-old girl was readmitted to the University of Rio with seizures. The medical team decided that the child needed to undergo further neuropathological examination, and it was decided to transport him to the Children’s Hospital. Aglaya Kiriakou. The child died suddenly on January 29.

A few hours after the last “farewell”, her mother Rula Pispirigo wrote on her Facebook account: “I gave birth to you, I gave you life! But I’m mad at you for leaving my arms empty! You were my rock, the reason I laughed, the reason I had the strength to move on! You were a fighter until the last moment, you laughed, you looked at us, unable to speak, and in our eyes you saw support. Goodbye my baby! Have a nice meeting with your sisters! For me, you never left and never will! I love you all three.”

Prosecutors Antonis Eleftherianos and Apostolos Andreou completed their preliminary investigation and concluded that there is strong evidence that Pispirigou also took the lives of her other two children. According to reports, the charge was based on the forensic report of Karakoukis-Kalogrias coroners, as well as the fact that both acts were committed in the presence of the defendants.

Prosecutors focused on the doctors’ testimony, as well as the fact that Malena was described as an outgoing and happy child who had beaten leukemia. As the doctors testified, Malena died quite suddenly, which could only be justified if she was in the last stage of cancer. However, Malena overcame her cancer and underwent a medical examination before starting chemotherapy.

The catalyst that led the two prosecutors to conclude that 6-month-old Iris’s death was the result of criminal activity was blood in her mouth. In addition, the presence of blood and post-mortem stiffness, which had already occurred when the ambulance arrived and the paramedics found that the child was cold, suggests that death occurred several hours before they were called for help.

The materials of the case have already been submitted to the court.

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Pispirigo denies any wrongdoing in connection with Georgina’s death and will likely do the same for the deaths of Malena and Iris.

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