Government: “Only 70% of Dadia Park burned down”

The government admitted, through “leaks” at the state news agency ANA, that “only 70%” Dadia National Park was burned down!

That is, it believes that the remaining “not burned and alive” 30% of zone A2 is something that you can rejoice and be satisfied with!

“At present, all planning and efforts of the fire forces are mainly concentrated on the difficult southwestern front. That is where the focus is now. The north wind aggravated the situation in this area, slightly opening it there. There is no rain at this time. However, the nature protection zone of the park A1 was not affected, while in A2 approximately 30% within the burnt area, due to the nature of the fire (creeping) and the resulting tongues, remained unburned‘ government sources told ANA about the fire in Dadia Park.

The agency also points out that “The government echelon, led by Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Christos Stylianides, Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Giorgos Amiras, Secretary General of Civil Protection Vassilis Papageorgiou, officials of two ministries and senior officials of the Security Service has been in Dadia since yesterday, to coordination of operations on the spot. In other words, you can now sleep peacefully in Evros!…

Maps produced by the NOFFi-OBAM service of the National Wildfire Observatory (NFO) and published by APE-MPE show burnt areas based on analysis of the first available satellite imagery.

In particular, according to a preliminary estimate by EpaDap Group, during a fire in Dadia-Evros (the start date of the fire is 07/21/2022), the area of ​​burnt areas is estimated at 2527.9 hectares.

In the Vatera-Lesvos fire (start date 07/23/2022), the area of ​​the burnt area is estimated at 1709.67 ha. In addition, the area covered by the fire in Penteli (start date 07/19/2022) will be specified today, where the first estimate was 2429.83 ha.

Burnt area maps are used directly by the Ministry of Environment and Energy and local forestry departments so that they can be declared eligible for reforestation. EpaDap is the result of a collaboration between the General Directorate for Development, Forest Protection and Agroecology of the Ministry of Environment and Energy, the Forest Management and Remote Sensing Laboratory of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the Trans-Balkan Ecological Center, which is funded by the Green Fund initiative.

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